September 29, 2010

WIP - 2nd & 3rd FJ Combat Platoons

Doing things slightly differently with my next two combat platoons in that I have tryed basing them before I finish painting them. Does make it slightly difficult to finish the painting but I think it will work and it allows me to see how the different colour scheme on the 2nd platoon looks with finished basing.

All the images are pretty big so will expand when clicked on

2nd & 3rd Platoons are also based differently so I can further tell them apart from the 1st Platoon. 2nd has barbed wire entanglements across the unit, 3rd is based as though it has occupied a ruined building. Think the effects worked pretty well, should look better when painted and some detailing added. Barbed wire had to made smaller as the original strands were far to big.

All 3 Platoons should see action tomorrow night with a 1750pt game for which Ill be using Hells Highway 3rd Division Fallschirmjager.


Itchy (aka Jared) said...

The barbwire is excellent! Are those broken-off toothpicks being used for the posts?

I'm very impressed with the way you've done the splinter pattern camo. When I was first deciding which army I really wanted to build (after realizing it wasn't the Americans and regretting some purchases I had made) it came down to Grenadiers and Fallschirmjäger. Ultimately I went with the grenadiers simply because the splinter camo was too intimidating.

Keep the pics coming! I learn so much from blogs like this.

John said...

Thanks Itchy :) splinter camo was a bit daunting at first but I just read the guides on the FOW site and various blogs and gave it a go. Not as bad as I thought...

The posts are actually match sticks, barbed wire was made with standard cheap stuff I wrapped around a paint brush. Im thinking of painting some rust on some of the strands.