September 6, 2010

WIP - Dwarf Miners

Inbetween dealing with the manflu and worrying about family living through the Christchurch earthquakes I actually managed to get some more painting done over the last week. Helped that my wife was up working late last night which gave me an excuse to get out the painting table :)

Front rank nearly done

Sticking to my "one rank at a time" rule I focused on the Miner regiments front rank completing the leather gloves and various straps, touching up the musicians trumpet, washing the standard, adding some blue highlights to the weapon hafts etc.

The helmet candles were the last item I worked on. Added a base coat of Scab red which I will gradually highlight with lighter colours moving from Blood Red through to Blazing Orange, Sunburst Yellow and finally white. Candles themselves I plan on keeping a dull grey/white colour.

2nd rank underway

Also added the primary colours to the other models in the unit and began the process of getting stuck into the 2nd rank now that the first is pretty much done - except for the basing.

Basing wise I have settled on a rocky theme so will start sourcing out the best way to create a slate sort of look. Either buy slate from the GF9 range (expensive across 200+ models), trawl the local river banks (time consuming), check out the pet stores for fishtank supplies, or build my own out of putty or greenstuff.

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