September 6, 2010

WIP - Fallschirmjager & StuG's w. battle damage

Using my Warhammer "one rank at a time rule" for my FOW Fallschirmjager as well giving an entire Platoon the primary colour treatment and then finishing them off one base (rather than rank) at time.

Made a slight adjustment to my colour scheme from the 1st Platoon I completed in that I am using two greens to make up the splinter camo and not applying Mud-Wash to the completed model. Rather I am using Sepia-Wash which still gets into the crevices etc but doesnt dull down the colours as much. The 1st Platoon looks OK but suffers in that the green/browns on the smocks blend together to much at a distance.

StuG G Platoon also got assembled over the week and got its first treatment. Base coat is German Camo Beige from the FOW paint range. I applied this in a couple of thin watered down coats. Over that is ALOT of Mud Wash. Ill start adding the primay colours in a more regular pattern once I have finished my infantry Platoons.

Also had a go at adding battle damage to the Schurzen side armour of the StuG's cutting off various bits, bending others and drilling through (with a corkscrew) holes where shells had penetrated. Will also start adding various holes over the main armour as well. Effect turned out better than expected.

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