September 20, 2010

WIP - Making barbed wire entanglements (Part 1)

Having a go at making my own barbed wire entanglements for my Pioneers at the moment. Relatively simple process that only needs:
- Balsa Wood
- Wire
- Wire cutters
- A pen or other round object of appropriate size
- Basing stuff

Step 1 - Making the wire
Cant remember what thickness wire Im using but its the smallest I could get. Purchased two big rolls of the stuff from the $2 Shop so it was cheap as. Process is very easy just roll the wire around your round object, not to tight or it wont come off, till you get the desired length. Then just yank it off, cut it and its all done.

I made all of these in about five minutes - big ones for the barbed wire fortification bases and the little ones to go on the bases of my FJ Pioneers.

Size wise the pen I used was perfect for the larger bases but probably a little too big for the standard FOW infantry figures but either way it works pretty well. Next step is to flock the balsa wood and make some hedgehog posts for the wire to be attached to.

Painting wise ill just leave them untouched or maybe put them outside in the rain for a few days and let them rust up a bit.

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