October 11, 2010

WIP - FJ Sniper stands & artillery bases

Got some free time the other night and decided to build some terrain onto the bases for my FJ Snipers and get the bases for my Artillery sorted, the guns arrived in the mail a couple of days ago. Also well on the way to finishing a lot of the FJ painting backlog after a very productive night last night, hopefully will still get my regular Monday night painting session in as well.

Both pictures will expand out when you click on them

Building is made out of balsa wood and matchsticks, fence out of matchsticks and power pole out of balsa and match sticks :)

Wanted to create the impression that the artillery battery had set up shop in an abandoned building so built the walls to fit together if all the bases were touching. Havent figured out paint job yet - may scratch brickwork into them not to sure.

1 comment:

Hein said...

These are some nice looking bases!
Love the first sniper base.