October 18, 2010

WIP - FJ Snipers & Mortar Crews

Progress pictures of my soon to be completed FJ Snipers, Mortar and gun crews. Figures are all done just have to complete basing and glue them on and they are good to go. Also recieved some additional Silfor stuff in the mail the other day allowing me to attach some foliage to my StuGs. Bit tricky to put on particularly as the glue melted some of the flock material but they have coming out looking pretty good.

Went with the lighter base coat for the FJ smocks on all of these figures using Camo Beige as the base coat, followed by Mud Wash and then GW Bleached Bone with Mud Wash over everything at the end. The Bleached Bone is a much better colour for bringing out the camo pattern overall than the Camo Beige, at least IMHO :)

I could add some more detailing to the weapons, gun metal barrels etc, but actually I prefer them like they are just seems nicer to me. Once these guys are done it will be onto the FJ Artillery Platoon.

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