November 19, 2010

Fallschirmjager vs. US Armour 1750pts Pictorial Report

Pictorial report the 1750pt LW game I played last night against Josh. I used Fortress Europe as my guide for building the relevant FJ list while Josh was using the new books detailing the German defence of France from June - Dec 1944 (I forget the names). We played the breakthrough scenario, a first for me, and despite some major problems remembering the rules I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

All of the pictures are pretty large so should expand out when clicked on

The battlefield divided into 4 quarters the Fallschirmjager deployed on bottom right and top left. The US armour deployed bottom left and were attempting to breakthrough to the two objectives (Opel Trucks) in the top right of the board.

The Fallschirmjager commander deployed his forces astride the main road in a rough L shape formation hoping to funnel the US Armour past his AT guns, Panzerfausts and onto the guns of the StuGs before the US reserves (reported to be in the rear) arrived.

FJ Pak 40's and HMG teams dig in behind French hedges

Reinforced FJ combat Platoons dug in with supporting Assault Guns behind awaiting the inevitable US assault.

Panzerfaust teams, FJ infantry and a Light recoilless gun occupy a building strongpoint astride the main crossroads through the battelfield

Fallschirmjager dig in on the right flank

US Armour and SP Artillery deploys ready to attack

Fallschirmjager and Pak 40s dug in along the main road.

US Armour makes the opening move attempting to move around the flank of the dug in Fallschirmjager. The presence of the FJ Light Gun platoon causes them to check and change their line of advance.

1st blood as a FJ Pak 40 takes out an advancing Sherman

FJ Artillery observer team dug in with the infantry watches the advancing US armour through their binoculars.

US armoured reserves appear to the rear of the StuGs but despite their advantage they fail to damage any of the German armour which soon gets its revenge.

Revenge is sweet, the undamaged StuGs brew up 2 of the Stuarts and force a 3rd to bail out.

Advancing Shermans get caught by Pak 40's whose LOS was not blocked by nearby smoke barrages and lose 1 of their number.

German assualt guns destroy the remaining US Stuarts but then come under fire from the advancing Shermans, 1 StuG is destroyed and another forced to bail out.

US Infantry reserves arrive to secure the objective. Assaulted by the StuGs and bombarded by Artillery the trained troops somehow hold on as the StuGs are destroyed by the advancing US armour

In a last ditch attempt to stop the US advance a FJ Platoon attempts to assault the US armour but is pinned down after suffering heavy loses to defensive fire.

US Armour advances past burning StuGs bypassing the FJ infantry strongpoints

US Infantry occupy the objectives while the armour moves in. Not a german in sight
With the StuGs and Pak 40s destroyed the Fallschirmjager are unable to stop the US advance and they breakthrough successfully punching a massive hole in the German lines and securing victory.

Fun game but I screwed by not concentrating my forces and moving everybody into guard the objectives. I got preoccupied with them starting out as dug in and concealed and was reluctant to move my infantry out. Deployment, deployment, deployment wins battles :)


Youth and Beauty Brigadier said...

I enjoyed this batrep! Your FJ are so nicely painted! I especially love the foliage on your StuGs and the Pak40s. Look forward to more of the same (pretty please!)

Chevalier de la Terre said...

Cool report, great table and armies... all you can ask for really! You FJ are looking very good, love the StuGs especially.