November 18, 2010

FOW Army list LW Fallschirmjager 1750pts

Actually getting a game of FOW tonight 1750pts LW, with my new units. Playing against Josh, Dereks son, who is a very good player and from experience he'll probably bring a tank heavy Soviet force.

Going with Fortress Europe as the basis of the list, Hells Highway is cool but if you want to use your StuGs you have to go with Fearless trained infantry units and cant take Artillery.

Fallschirmjager 1750pts - Fortress Europe LW

CHQ, PF/SMG, Mortars (3) - 160pts
FJ Platoon, PF/SMG, 3 Squads - 265pts
FJ Platoon, PF/SMG, 3 Squads - 265pts
FJ AT Platoon, 4 x 75mm Pak 40 - 245pts
FJ Artillery Battery, 2 sections 7.5cm Geb36 - 190pts
FJ Light Gun Platoon - 70pts
FJ HMG Platoon, 2 sections - 170pts
Assault Gun Platoon, 4 StuG Gs - 380pts

7 Platoons, but the HMG will be combat attached to the FJ Platoons 2 HMG to each giving me 6 Platoons in the event that we play a scenario with reserves. Means the FJ Platoons will start the game with 12 stands each which as fearless veteran troops makes them damn hard to break.

No Pioneers as I couldnt fit in the points. Artillery battery is a new one for me as I havent used them before so went with 2 full gun sections, probably overkill but you never know. Light Gun platoon at only 70 pts is a really cheap and effective option. Think of them as a miniature Pak 40 platoon with half the range.

If I have to play a reserve scenario I leave the LG Platoon, AT Platoon and a FJ Platoon off the board. Bit dangerous leaving the AT guns in reserve but it will leave me the StuGs on the board and with the artillery this gives me plenty of AT firepower.

Now I just have to remember the rules been a while since I played.

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