November 17, 2010

Oh my whats happened to stumpy heaven? Goals for 2011

Quick apology to the wonderful people who read and have read this blog over the last few years. As you have probably guessed I haven't been wargaming or painting for a while now and therefore havent been posting.

Its currently cricket season here in New Zealand and I have just had my PhD enrolment confirmed for 2011 so any spare time I have is now firmly tied up with sport and research/study.

My local gaming club has also shut down for the summer period and wont reopen till Feb, but I personally dont expect to be playing again regularly until the end of March 2011. I do fully intend to get lots of painting done in that period so keep checking as I will be posting just not as regularly.

Anyway, to keep myself focused I have a list of things to try and accomplish for 2011

  1. No more purchases - no Warhammer, no FOW, and no new gaming systems
  2. Finish painting my Fallschirmjager for FOW (Artillery Platoon, Trucks, Pioneers)
  3. Play 5 Warhammer tournaments - first one is in March
  4. Get my Warhammer Fantasy national ranking back into the Top 50 and get my Best Dwarf General title back
  5. Finish painting my High Elf spearmen (28)
  6. Finish painting my High Elf archers (16)
  7. Finish painting my High Elf Dragon Princes (8)
  8. Finish painting my Dwarf Miners (20)
  9. Repaint/touch up/rehighlight all of my dwarfs (umm approx 250!!!)
  10. Play in at least one FOW tournament, most likely Panzershrek 2011 here in Palmy my home town.
The 1st goal is going to be easy to keep as I now have all the figures etc I need for both WHFB and FOW, although I have a serious desire to build an Irish Guards Armoured Company for FOW. I think now though that with my collections being fairly settled its time to seriously look at working on improving the way they look. My High Elf repainting project is pretty much complete and they look really good now, so I think I will start the same process with my Dwarfs.

The Miners are the first unit to get the new look which is a huge improvement on my first painting efforts of 2-3 years back. So starting one unit at a time I will be paint stripping (with Dettol) all of my Dwarfs and redoing them all. Next unit to get the treatment will be my beloved Hammerers.

I would like to get my WHFB ranking back into the top 50, had a high of 47 at one point, but since 8th came out more people seem to playing Dwarfs and there are also some seriously good new Dwarf players on the local tournament scene (Matthew Hassell in particular) and I have dropped into the 70s. I think now that tournaments will be the only time I get to play WHFB as well so I will really endeavour to give them a good go.

My Dwarf army is currently in the hands of a fellow stumpy Adam who has taken them to Auckland for a good outing, hope he gets some enjoyment out of them. FOW will occupy all of my club time next year most likely, unless more WHFB turn up, though and I think it would be fun to play in one tournament with my Fallschrimjager as well.


Sigmar said...

Ok, I have an idea... Phds are all about contributing new knowledge so... help me out with my Nauticans and I'll award you a phd of "The Deep" :0

Anyway, more seriously, good to see you back mate and even better to see the Kiwis draw against India today (or maybe yesterday by now).

Roll on the Ashes !

BTW, I have also been taking a bit of a gaming sabbatical. So, now I have to work less and you have to work more why don't we swap karma, you take my hard work and I'll take your painting motivation.

John said...

Hey Sigmar good to hear from you... sorry I havent been visiting the forum of late.

Cricket was fantastic looking forward to 3rd test and seeing England thrash Aussie in the Ashes, I think 2-1 or 2-0 is the most likely result.

Lol anytime you want to take my workload Im happy for you too. Its the kids that take up most of the spare time though... my daughter (bless her) thinks my (as she calls them) "Little Geek War Men" are cute but that I dont need to play with them. ;)

Robin Sutton said...

Congrats on the PhD admission ... and an impressive set of hobby goals.. I might benefit from a similar exercise (or, on the other hand, I could just continue to bumble along like the wargames butterfly that I am..LOL)

Finishing stuff is always good of course!!!

Kind regards

Hein said...

Do you really think that you can keep yourself to the #1 of the list. You know 1 year is a long time. ;)

John said...

Cheers guys - have to be honest its harder to make gaming goals than keep them. And as for No #1 I have been toying with the idea of buying a unit of Space Marines as I have been inspired by the Ultramarines movie trailer.

Will most likely buy the DVD of the movie as well when it comes out.