December 31, 2010

WIP - High Elf unit fillers & making snow

Been working on a couple of unit fillers for my High Elves using some left over basing materials and figures I had in my bits collection. Fillers are 3x2 allowing me to turn a unit of 20 into a unit of 25 without the expense of buying extra models, they also add a little extra to your armies appearance. Only two fillers so far will build 2 more once I can source some more of the pillars in the centre of the current ones. The first model is a mermaid from an alternative supplier called Reaper Mini I had originally purchased with the intent of starting a Nautican army.

Also in pictures are a unit of Spears next on line to be painted and the unit of Archers I am currently working on. Snow flock was applied before painting completed as it makes it easier to tidy things up.

Making Snow
I have tried unsuccessfully to get a snow look using standard GW and GF9 flock but have found that neither product works well on its own. Rather you have to make your own snow material incorporating either product into your mix. The steps I use are:

1. Preparation - make sure the area you are applying the snow to has been painted properly with light colours grey/white. This is critical as the snow will show up, and if made improperly take on, the colour over which it is applied, e.g., if you apply it over a green base the snow will go green.

2. Ingredients - for the snow you will need Baking Soda, PVA Glue (or whatever white glue is used in your country), snow flock, white paint, a container, a stirring stick, and an old brush.

3. Mixing - mix equal parts PVA glue and Baking Soda into the container. Add in a sprinkling of snow flock and a small amount of paint for colour. Stir until everything is well mixed. The final product should look like slightly melted ice-cream and be reasonably thick. Basic test is to dip your stirring stick into it and hold it upside down. The snow should droop down but not drip off the stick. Too runny and you'll lose the colour when applying it to the the base and it wont stick properly.

4. Application - spread with brush, easy ah, and then let dry for a few minutes. Then sprinkle a liberal amount of snow flock over the top of the bases. Dont worry about being tidy just cover (or in my case bury) the models in snow flock, this adds to the final colour. Then dry overnight.

5. Tidying up - in the morning (or whenever) you will need to scrap away any flock that has accumulated around the edge of the bases and on the models (hence why I usually do this before I finish painting). Some paint around the bottom of the models is Ok as it adds to the effect.

6. Final stage - once you have finished painting the model you will need to apply 2-3 very thin watered down coats of white paint over the snow. This helps bind it to the base and improves the colour. Make sure the paint is thinned down or you will pick up all of the snow with your brush. Finally once everything is dry apply a thin coat of sealant over the entire model. GW Purity Seal is OK but inconsistent in quality I much prefer Moana Vale.

7. Enjoy

December 29, 2010

High Elves @ 2400pts and 2 games of 8th

Got in two games of 8th Edition WHFB yesterday against Adam and his Dwarfs. Great fun and a good chance to sort out a workable army list for the 2011 New Zealand tournament season. Ill post the battle reports over the next few days I just need to work out the narrative so I can work them into the previous 8 games Adam and I have played in our War of the Beard grudge series.

High Elves @2400pts

Archmage L4
w. Folraiths Robe, Talisman of Endurance, Silver Wand, Shadow Magic

Avoided the Book of Hoeth as despite its potential I much prefer my mage to stay alive throughout the battle. Silver Wand gives him 5 spells which covers almost the entire lore. Shadow magic is pretty much a given for High Elves and has proved its worth in several games so far.

Mage L2
w. Seerstaff, Opal Amulet, High Magic

Seerstaff allows him to pick 2 spells from the High Magic Lore which is amazingly versatile and very cheap compared to the lores in 8th Edition. Good mix of defensive and offensive options and of course you get Drain Magic thrown in for free.

w. Barded Steed, Dragon Armour, Shield, Halberd, Helm of Fortune, Guardian Phoenix

Exactly the same build I used in 7th Edition. 1+ rerollable AS and 5+WS makes him very survivable and with 3 S5 attacks he can dish out punishment.

Spears x25
w. Full Command

Spears x25
w. Full Command

Archers x14
w. Musician

Big core, opted to go with Spears rather than Sea Guard to keep points to minimum. In 2400pts you already lose one of the special units you would typically take in 7th, e.g., in 7th a 2400pt list would contain 220pts of core - 2 units of 10 archers. In 8th you need 600pts taking 380 away from the Special slot. This removes the White Lions from my list, unfortunate as I love the models.

Phoenix Guard x19
w. Full Command, Razor Standard, Gem of Courage

The anvil of the army list and a unit I want to build up to 24-28 by purchasing another blister or two. The Razor Standard and Step Up make these guys awesome in 8th. Gem of Courage means they will really stick around.

Swordmasters x11
w. Musician

Swordmasters x11
w. Musician

Two units without command is risky as they are missile magnets. But these guys are brilliant although I need to remove the yellow edging on mine.

Dragon Princes x6
w. Full Command, Banner of Ellyrion, Ironcurse Icon

The only unit I will probably change removing the Champion and Standard bearer to keep the unit bare. These guys are really only there as a threat to make opponents change their game plan as without magical boosts (i.e., from Shadow Lore) they are useless in combat.


Once I remove the points from the Dragon Princes I may field two of these guys.

TOTAL 2,399pts

So minor changes here from my typical 7th Ed list, no White Lions and no RBTs the most obvious change. RBTs are great to have but with only 2 wounds the new rules make them very vulnerable.

Battle Reports up soon stay posted as there will be more to come...

December 27, 2010

WIP - High Elf Archers

Got started on these guys again just before Christmas hoping to get them finished this week. Faces havent turned out very well and I really need to strip them back and start again but Ive decided not to be too fussy and leave them as is. Front rank is pretty much done except for a few touch ups here and there, various gems and off course snow on the bases.

After this its a couple more Dragon Princes to finish off, the reins and seat on the Dragon Mage to complete and my High Elves are all done. Just need to put some more modular movement trays together to rank up the Spears 5x5 or 6x4 for flexibility and then its onto the display board.

For that I am thinking of doing a forested hill arcing in a curve around the back half with a frozen river moving through the middle of the board. White Lions, RBTs, Eagles and Dragon go on mountain. Spears, Archers and Swordmasters go on plains to front along with Phoenix Guard etc.

Thought about it last night and Ill build the board to take my entire collection rather than a set tournament army as honestly I havent figured out what that army should look like yet. Getting some practice games in tomorrow though at 2400pts hopefully.

December 13, 2010

Xmas time

Merry Christmas one and all from sunny New Zealand, where we see in the new year and the fat man in the big red suit with sunny skies and hot weather ?!?!?

Nothing really happening on the gaming front right now. Too busy with cricket season and work, and my spare time at the moment is being spent fixing the house, painting the house etc etc etc

However the urge is still there and my High Elves are sitting on the "to-do" shelf with the aim of getting them ready sometime soon.... just need to hang on for a bit longer though