December 27, 2010

WIP - High Elf Archers

Got started on these guys again just before Christmas hoping to get them finished this week. Faces havent turned out very well and I really need to strip them back and start again but Ive decided not to be too fussy and leave them as is. Front rank is pretty much done except for a few touch ups here and there, various gems and off course snow on the bases.

After this its a couple more Dragon Princes to finish off, the reins and seat on the Dragon Mage to complete and my High Elves are all done. Just need to put some more modular movement trays together to rank up the Spears 5x5 or 6x4 for flexibility and then its onto the display board.

For that I am thinking of doing a forested hill arcing in a curve around the back half with a frozen river moving through the middle of the board. White Lions, RBTs, Eagles and Dragon go on mountain. Spears, Archers and Swordmasters go on plains to front along with Phoenix Guard etc.

Thought about it last night and Ill build the board to take my entire collection rather than a set tournament army as honestly I havent figured out what that army should look like yet. Getting some practice games in tomorrow though at 2400pts hopefully.

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