December 13, 2010

Xmas time

Merry Christmas one and all from sunny New Zealand, where we see in the new year and the fat man in the big red suit with sunny skies and hot weather ?!?!?

Nothing really happening on the gaming front right now. Too busy with cricket season and work, and my spare time at the moment is being spent fixing the house, painting the house etc etc etc

However the urge is still there and my High Elves are sitting on the "to-do" shelf with the aim of getting them ready sometime soon.... just need to hang on for a bit longer though


Sigmar said...

Hi John,

Not sure if you have seen this game system before but this is the thing currently getting me excited (Malifaux):-

Cheap entry point, not too much painting and heaps of character.

What do you reckon ?

PS. I hope you're managing to watch the Aussies lose the Ashes series :)

All the best,

lap1964 said...

Hi hope you had a good hol?Looking forward to seeing more FJ AARs in the new year.