January 26, 2011

Dwarf artillery crew completed

Finished work on these 3 guys last night only took 2.5 hours to complete all 3, very happy with the way they turned out particularly in comparison to my first efforts some 3 years ago.

All the pictures should expand when clicked on.

The finished crew

Comparison with my efforts when I first started playing 3 years ago

Painting the green tunics
- Basecoat Dark Angels Green
- Snot Green on raised areas
- Goblin Green highlights on raised areas, thinned layer applied to middle of each section
- Scorpion Green highlights, applied in thinned down line to middle of each section
- 50:50 mix of Skull White & Scorpion Green applied to middle of each raised section & edges

Painting the beards
- Adeptus battlegrey base coat
- Codex Grey applied in thinned layer over entire area
- Fortress grey drybrushed
- Skull white drybrushed

Painting the skin
- Dwarf flesh base coat
- Flesh wash over entire area (now running out of my last pot of this excellent OOP product)
- Dwarf flesh on raised areas
- Ogre Flesh wash
- Elf Flesh highlights
- Ogre Flesh wash

Painting the leather trousers etc
- Scorched brown base coat
- Bestial brown 2nd coat, thinned down sort of drybrushed
- Snakebite leather highlights on raised areas, in middle of those covered by Bestial Brown

Next project will be my Lord on Shieldbearers, Runesmith and BSB once I figure out how and where I want to apply the green that is the principle colour of my Dwarf army.

On a side note discovered an issue with my undercoating last night. As I only get time to paint at night (after kids are asleep) its usually pretty cold. When undercoating I quickly dash outside spray the models and then bring them inside to dry out (somewhere airy to keep the smell down). However, last night I left the models outside for some reason. When I went to collect them I found that the paint had dried with a strange powdery finish that masked some of the detailing. Might have been the cold, or the paint coming to the end of its life not sure. Either way I might have to restrip some of the figures and undercoat them again.

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