January 21, 2011

Dwarf Miner regiment finished & new magnets

Finished last 10 guys in this unit last night, managing to get good results even while speed painting them. Now I just need to buy several litres of Dettol so I can paint strip the rest of my Dwarfs, and a horde of new bases to redo them all. There are two standard bearers in the regiment as the Miners are all from the BFSP set and I ended up collecting about 3 or 4 sets worth over the years. Only kept these 20 though enough for one unit.

Part of the painting process will involve get the principle army colour, green, out in front to make it more noticeable. Consequently, rather than use the standard Dwarven shields I am going to use the slightly larger Empire shields instead (see pic below for comparison). These should give the infantry a very different look and more importantly their large surface area gives room for painting more colour and adding a bit of heraldry (or runes).

The standard Dwarf shield

The Empire soldiers shields I plan to use instead

At the same I have also ordered, as a test, the following products from Irresitable Force in Australia. Only cost NZ$20 for 2 inserts and 1 lot of magnets, postage is free (titles under pictures link to product website). I have been finding that my normal magnetising process using fridge magnet sheets is no longer working well. Basically the fridge type magnets are very thick causing models to lift well above the rim of the movement trays. They also lose their adhesiveness over time and I have constant issues with figures not sticking properly.

On the Dwarfs they are fine as the models are pretty light, but for my High Elves they are no longer good enough particularly as a large number of my Elves are metal. That and the Elf minis are larger and tend to fall over more. Ill see how this system works out with a couple of units before looking at redoing my entire collection this way.

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