January 31, 2011

Dwarf painting progress

Got a few more hours of painting in over the weekend. Not much but enough. Results are OK at this stage but I am having second thoughts about the colour scheme on the Lord, too much green on the Hammerer Shieldbearers. May restrip it and start again. Beard on BSB is also pretty untidy so will have to fix that.

As usual all the images should enlarge when clicked on.

Two stages of progress for BSB. Gold areas are messy mixture of Dwarf Bronze and Chestnut Ink. Model looks untidy still as last step was application of Chaos Black in various areas to help with highlighting. Eyes still unfinished.

Two stages of painting on the Runesmith. Base is temporary one hence the foot belonging to a High Elf Spearmen still attached to it. Staff will be getting further treatment later to bring it out with some more colour. Standard pole on back of Runesmith is going to be chopped off and replaced with taller brass rod, the same thing will also go on the BSB. This will be (a) stronger and (b) have the advantage of putting any banner I attach higher.

Dwarf Lord is getting there but I am pretty concerned with the Green on the Hammerer on the right, the Lords shoulder armour and the shield edge. Stripping lost a bit of detailing on the shield edge, and the other areas just dont look right at the moment. Hammerer on the left with the full face mask looks Ok with green helmet, but other guy probably needs to go back to straight metallics. Not sure

Also got the Gyrocopter done as well. Decided not to paint strip it as it would destroy the superglue bonds and quite frankly it took me too damn long to pin the damn thing together the first time to do it all over again. So it has gotten a quick highlight of the various greens on top (still waiting the 50:50 light green/skull white layer). Also fix the blue undersides and the wooden areas.

Painting beyond these guys is on hold though as I dont have any bases for the figures paint stripped last week. Also out of PVA glue so cant finish the basing on the Artillery Crew.

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