January 27, 2011

Dwarf repainting project problems & progress

Made a little bit more progress on this last night getting started on the characters and putting a unit of 10 Hammerers, 9 more artillery crew (6 for 2 bolt-throwers, 3 for Grudgethrower) and 19 Thunderers into Nail Polish Remover (for metal) or Dettol (for plastic) to strip off the paint.

My collection (Box 1)
80 Warriors, 20 Miners (already completed), 20 Quarrellers, 28 Hammerers

My collection (Box 2)
22 Artillery Crew + 4 warmachines, Gyrocopter, 19 Thunderers, 10 Hammerers
Thunderers, Hammerers & 9 Artillery crew were getting paint stripped when I took this photo

Warmachines & Gyro wont be paint stripped etc. Ill just reflock the bases to make them match the completed Miners regiment. The Gyro will simply a get a few layers of Green over the existing scheme to match the Artillery crewmen already completed.

Thunderers after being paintstripped with Dettol

Project has already hit one major snag though.... I have run out of spare bases especially the slot type bases and NONE of my local hobby stores stock any. Consequently, I have had to order a bunch from Maelstrom in the UK (still soooo much cheaper than New Zealand suppliers), but these will take 2 weeks minimum to arrive. In the interim I am having to put each model being painted onto whatever bits I have left over.

Painting my characters
Managed to get about an hours painting in last night while watching the ODI between Australia and England... love it when the Aussies lose. Only got the base colours and the initial washes done as I didnt have time for anything else. Colours applied last night were

Metal areas --> Boltgun metal & Badab Black
Skin --> Dwarf Flesh, Flesh Wash, Dwarf Flesh and then Ogyrn Flesh Wash
Green cloaks (BSB & Runesmith) --> Dark Angels Green
Weapon shafts --> Regal Blue
Beards --> Adeptus Battlegrey, Codex Grey, Fortress Grey

BSB alternate progress 27 Jan 2011
Base with model is temporary only

Lord w. Shieldbearers progress 27 Jan 2011

Runesmith progress 27 Jan 2011
Base with miniature is temporary only

Notes on speed painting
The 3 artillery crew I completed the other night were as I posted done in 2.5 hours. Over the last year or so I have worked out a pretty simple system for getting a lot of figures done quickly while still keeping the results good. My basic process is:

Paint 10 figures at a time or 2 ranks from any one unit. Line them up and work from right to left or left to right either as long as you paint them in the same order each time.

Application of primary or base colours to all figures, not worrying about the accuracy of where it all goes, i.e., if you get skin on the beards or armour dont stress about it.

Apply washes to the areas that need it - principally the armour and skin.

After the primary colours are done put the kettle on and then get started on the secondary colours , by this time the primary colours should be dry enough to paint over. Very important that you paint the figures in the same order i.e., first to get the primary colours should be first to get secondary.

By secondary colours I mean the first major tone over the base e.g., for the Artillery crews green tunics it was the Snot Green that went over the Dark Angels base coat, for armour its Chainmail over the washed Boltgun metal. Still sticking to the 10 figures for this stage.

Once these bits are all done its probably time for another cuppa so put the kettle on again (I drink a lot of coffee). Now I go down to either 1 rank of 5 figures if painting a unit, or concentrate on 2-3 figures if doing characters or something special. Either way I now concentrate on completing one element on each model, e.g., the green tunics on the artillery crew, or the beards or the skin areas.

Painting this way I can get through quite a few figures in a short time - although 2.5 hours to paint 3 artillery crew is still a lot of time.


Darth Weasel said...

how do you get the gyrocopter wings attached? mine came off (again). so irritating I consider just tossing the stupid thing in the dumpster. so little to connect and so much weight towards the outside edge. grr

John said...

They're pinned on - had to drill small holes into wing roots and the rotor shaft.

Used the smallest pins & drillbit from the Galeforce 9 kit. Was a bit difficult as even this small pin was only slightly smaller than the largest part at the end of edge rotor blade.

noeste said...

That is one BIG project you've started on!

The new, lighter green theme (of the artillery crew) looks very nice, and you've really made great advances when it comes to painting flesh! Best of luck, hope you'll be able to keep your motivation going through it all!