January 11, 2011

High Elf Archers complete & some barbed wire

Completed my archer unit last night and for the first time put snow around the edge of the movement tray. It seems to have stuck a lot better than previous attempts I think because I made the snow mixture a lot thicker than normal. A good coating of Moana Vale sealant (rather than GW Purity Seal which is too inconsistent a product) helped harden it up and given me confidence to add the same effect to the rest of my High Elf army. I might though add a few rocks to the edges to break up the white a little bit and tie them into the model bases.
Ill glue the Champions arm on tonight and paint that up and I do have the musician sitting around somewhere just cant find him right now.

Also completed over the weekend is a set of 3 minefields for my Flames of War Fallschirmjager. These can be fielded in scenarios using the Defensive battle special rule if you take a Pioneer Platoon with a Supply Truck.

I also need to complete a minefield and paint the edges as well. Barbed wire is just cheap stuff from the $2 shop wrapped around a broken sprue and superglued on, posts are bits of broken match. Bases balsa wood cut to the right size.

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