January 20, 2011

High Elf repainting project finally finished!!!

Nearly 18 months ago now after playing in my first WHFB tournament and seeing the absolutely amazing painting and basing work of other New Zealand players I made a decision to redo my entire High Elf army [Original 2008 post here]. During that time I have had another child, embarked on a PhD, taken up Flames of War, taken up then stopped Warmachine and played in another 7 tournaments, 6 with my Dwarfs. But finally the endless hours spent finding the best substance to paint strip plastic & metal, sourcing new bases, testing colour schemes, stripping old paint, scrubbing miniatures, rebasing and fixing models, and repainting them I have finished.

Two nights ago I put the last bit of paint on the last High Elf model in my new look army, 15 months of effort and I have what I was after a great looking army that I am very proud of. The results of many of those units have been posted on this blog before, but I am going to start posting pictures of the entire army over the next few days.

All things said and done though its been a thoroughly satisfying project and one that has really helped me develop my painting skills and which has kept my love of the game alive even when I wasnt playing that often. The final tally of units stripped, rebuilt and repainted is:
- 40 Spears
- 24 Archers
- 6 Dragon Princes
- 15 White Lions
- 19 Phoenix Guard
- 22 Swordmasters
- 5 Shadow Warriors
- 1 Dragon Mage
- 2 Mages on foot
- 1 Noble on foot
- 1 Mounted BSB
- 2 Great Eagles
- 2 Bolt-throwers

Just putting the finishing touches on the movement trays, adding snow to the edges, and then the only thing left to do is to build a display board for the 2011 tournament season (if I can find the time to play that is), oh and then I intend to start stripping and painting all my Dwarfs - all 250+ figures!!!


RedCraig said...

Wow, that's a lot of work stripping and repainting a whole army. You must have felt strongly about it eh?

I went through a phase of stripping paint, and surprisingly found Dettol(https://www.emarket.com/Browse/Product/Details/Cleaning/Dettol%20Disinfectant%20Liquid%20750ml%20x%206?lid=english) to be the best.
Plastic / metal, strips paint fine, doesn't melt the plastic, doesn't affect superglue or cements I've used.
What did you find to be the best?

John said...

Yep Dettol was by far the best for stripping minis, its killer on the hands though if you dont wear gloves.

ALso found that you needed to wash/scrub the minis with warm soapy water afterward or the paint were glob up and readhere to the model.

Used nail polish remover for stripping metal minis without the acetote (?spelling)