January 25, 2011

Paint stripping & repainting of Dwarfs underway

Paint stripped and began process of repainting my Dwarf collection last night. Beginning with my Heroes as they form the centre piece of the army and to be honest my original painting efforts with them were rubbish.

Step 1 - remove the bases and any plastic items from each model, disassemble where possible
Step 2 - the main ingredient, Nail Polish remover (preferably non-acetote based) costs $2-$2.50 depending on where you buy it.

Step 3 - soak in sealed container for 4-6 hours or overnight if models have a lot of paint on them

Step 5 - Scrub off paint with toothbrush, rinse in hot soapy water (must be soapy or paint will clump on model requiring another soak). Make sure you wear rubber gloves as the stuff is killer on your hands, and dont do it in the kitchen sink or your wife will have "words". For best results scrub off majority of paint and then resoak models in polish remover for a few more hours. The remover will also break down any superglue bonds as well.

My original paintwork on these heroes was pretty terrible and after last nights efforts this is the last time anyone will see them looking like this

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