February 4, 2011

1st local tournament of 2011

Pete Dunn New Zealands #1 ranked WHFB player and tournament organiser extraordinaire has announced the details of the first local tournament for 2011 - Runefang IV for 16th/17th April. Assuming I can find room in my tight budget and get the OK from my wife (one of the unspoken barriers to any married wargamer) I definately hope to attend. Runefang II in 2009 was the first WHFB tournament I ever attended taking my High Elves. It was a major eye opener for me in terms of game play, tactics, the intensity of the competition and the quality of the modelling/painting work that other players had put into their armies (see pics). I managed to finish 26th out of 32 not bad for my first outing. It was this tournament that led me completely repaint and rebase my entire High Elf collection - a 15 month project I finished in Dec 2010.

In 2010 I returned to Runefang III this time with my mostly repainted High Elves and did slightly better finishing 21st out of 30 players. Again poor deployment choices and some bad tactical decisions cost meb (Pictorial battle reports #1, #2, #3, #4). But again i had a fantastic time.

Wellington is a couple of hours drive away from my home town so its tournaments are the only ones I can attend when they are on even then it does mean an overnight stay unless I drive there and back each day.

For 2011 the format under 8th is changing, to quote from Petes Blog (highly recommended) it will:
This year I wanted to try something a little different and so I’m going to attempt to run a number of Campaign Weekends. The point of these events will not be so much about the winning and losing but more so about have some fun over the course of two days.

The first of these “Runefang” is going to be run on the weekend of 16/17 April here in Wellington. It will be limited to 18 people who will be split into six teams of three people by the Umpire. Over the course of the weekend those teams will battle for part of the Old World through five
campaign turns. The campaign rules will be relatively simple based around the
Mighty Empires campaign.

To participate players will need a painted 2000 point army (and a sense of fun). The key to this event is the narrative – the chance to settle scores and create new ones.

I think this format sounds fantastic although at only 18 places it means Ill have to compete with the huge Wellington population of WHFB gamers to get in (will have to start stocking up brownie points with the wife now). Question is what army do I take? What are the pros and cons?

@ 2000pts your restricted to two characters which we would be a BSB and a Runesmith General with maxed out RO Spellbreaking to negate enemy magic. Now its a case of deciding what phase you focus on combat or shooting. Shooting I can deploy a lot of T4 S4 missile troops and quality warmachines, but negate my ability to survive in combat. For combat I can forgo some of the shooting and field blocks of 20-30 T4 Heavy armoured infantry with high leadership and go for maximum effectiveness.

- All infantry are T4
- All shooting is S4 minimum
- High magic resistance

- Infantry are expensive particularly if given necessary GW
- Warmachines are expensive
- Unable to match strong cheap characters of other armies @ 2000pts
- Will field fewer slower but tougher troops than any opponent e.g., 13pt GW Dwarf Warrior vs. 6pt Skaven Slave

High Elves
At 2000pts under 8th I could still run with my normal Archmage, BSB set up but the points cost would negate the ability to take the combos that normally work best with the Archmage. Standard BSB set up is 187pts leaving only 313 for the remaining character slot. 2 Lvl2 mages might be an option, but then its difficult to get an effective offensive magic phase in that way.

The strongest infantry units are also expensive 15pts per model meaning probably only 2 units can be taken. 500pts has to go on core so 2 large blocks of Seaguard/Spears to balance out shooting and combat.

I think for a High Elf army my preference given my playing style would be for an infantry heavy combat orientated force with minimal magic designed purely to buff up my units, so Lore of Life or Shadow. Banner of Arcane Protection would have to be included somewhere to assist with this as unlike Dwarfs Elves have no inate magical resistance, although there is the automatic +1 to all dispel attempts

- Cheaper core infantry than Dwarfs @9pts for a standard Spearmen
- Shooting is at BS4 not 3
- Possess magic phase and ability to buff units with various lores
- +1 to all dispel attempts
- Excellent elite infantry units

- All infantry are T3 and core have only light armour vs. T4/Heavy armour of Dwarfs
- Only Elite units carry GW and these are 15pts each
- Cost of elites & 500pt core requirement limits unit numbers
- Archmage losses effectiveness given 500pt limit on Heroes

So what to take? Ill work on few lists over next week or so and try and get some game time in as well to test them out.


RedCraig said...

> - Unable to match strong cheap characters of other armies @ 2000pts

No kidding. That's something that's really annoyed me over the last while.
Battles usually go along the lines of: "Sure I'll accept your challenge, I'm a Dwarf!"
to "he has how many attacks? and a high S & T too? wait, you get ability X for only 30 points on an item? How much is that guy?".
My voice tends to get higher pitched with every exclamation.

My group normally doesn't play with named characters, but if we did I'm sure I'd find the characters points comparisons even worse than I already do.


John said...

Dark Elves are just horrible in that respect 200pts for fully kitted out Dreadlord with 0+AS etc.

Or Orcs & Goblins who at 2000pts can put 5-6 cheap characters.

I guess with Dwarves you could run a whole bunch of 50pt Dragon Slayers but then who would want to

Pete Dunn said...

Thanks for the exposure John :-)

The event is full now - though I had to expand to 21 players (Team Beastmen turned up en masse).

I'm hoping to expand future events as I get comfortable with the dynamics and players determine that these are a "good thing".

John said...

21!! awesome. Looking forward to getting back into it. 5 rounds at Runefang should (sort of) double the number of 8th ed games ive played