February 1, 2011

Dwarf Lord & Gyrocopter complete + other stuff

Finished painting the Lord last night, as well as the majority of the BSB, Runesmith and Gyrocopter for my Dwarfs. Basing still has to be done on all of them, but this will have a while as I have run out of PVA glue. BSB and Runesmith have also been given new standards which need to painted as well. Shields on these have the runic symbol currently used throughout my entire army. This is going to be changed in the new look once I figure out what runic symbol I want to have.

Anyway pictures should expand out when clicked on - enjoy and any feedback most appreciated. Next to be painted - Thunderers.

Dwarf Lord with Shieldbearers

Comparison between new look Lord (above) and previous version (below)
You should notice that I have changed the pose on the Lord slightly.
Cloak is from a High Elf Mage.


BSB with new larger standard

Comparison between new (above) and old (below) versions of BSB


RedCraig said...

Inspiring stuff, they look great - especially the lords cloak. Did you green stuff it yourself?

I still have a large amount of unpainted Dwarves - the sheer number is off putting. I think this post will put some pressure on me to get some painting done!

Can't wait to see how the gyro turns out.

John said...

Thanks fot comments Red - no its not Green stuff its a cloak from a High Elf or Dark Elf mage kit that I had in my bits box.

Always hard to get stuck into painting, but its good for me as I dont get to game that often.

Aidan said...

Looking good John. I was in Heroes today and there was a notice about Wednesday night gaming, they said it was mostly 40K though.

I will be at Mage this Thursday, but will be playing cards.

I am keen for a game and I have been spending much time working on my Dark Elves.

John said...

Hey Aidan Im definately keen on more gaming as well but wont be able to make club for a few more weeks due to cricket. Playing against Dark Elves would be great cant wait.

Flick me an email and ill pass on Adams number he's always on the lookout for games in the interim.