February 10, 2011

Dwarf Thunderers, BSB & Runesmith finished

Finished first 10 members of my Dwarf Thunderer unit last night. They are a lot brighter than the original paint scheme which is what I intended. Also completed the banners on the BSB and Runesmith adding appropriate runes from the Dwarf Codex. The Runesmith has the MR Balance and RO Spellbreaking, the BSB the MR Stromni and MR Grungi - yes I know you cant have two Master Runes but it looks pretty. The runes in the middle of the BSB banner are Dwarven for KT or Karak Thorinkin the name of my Dwarves hold.

Did have some problems with the Thunderers in that my fine brushes are all munted and need to be replaced and that the paint stripping took some of the detailing off. Unlike the Miners I also found these guys somewhat harder to paint - not sure why. Now that my bases have arrived from Maelstrom so I can get onto painting a small unit of 10 Hammerers.

Completed (except for bases) Thunderers

Early stages of painting

Completed (except for basing) Runesmith w. MR Balance & RO Spellbreaking

Completed BSB w. MR Grungi, MR Stromni Redbeard

Original Thunderers & BSB in action before repainting

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Anonymous said...

I really like the blue and green together as complements to the chainmail. I think they could use one more layer of highlighting (the exact same highlight color you are using now, but with a tad of white added in, and then thin the mix with water slightly), but you can add that later at any time.