February 2, 2011

Gyrocopter pics, stripping & what keeps me motivated

Oops I forgot to upload the pics of the Gyrocopter in my last post. Quick not on the cloak the Dwarf Lord is wearing its not green stuff but a Dark/High Elf cloak from a mage kit. I have a reasonably large bits box collection and thought a cloak would make a nice touch.

Gyrocopter 2011 version

Gyrocopter 2009 version

Unfortunately my green stuffing skills are appallingly bad and I have only really used it to fix up holes in the mouldings etc of metal models.

Unlike the other models in my collection I did not paint strip the Gyrocopter. Stripping destroys any superglue bonds and I did not want to go through the process of assembling the Gyro all over again. I had the model unassembled in my collection for over a year before finally getting it completed after purchasing a Gale Force 9 pinning kit.

Paint stripping
Had my first experience using Simple Green as a paint stripper the other night. Results were actually pretty good and compared to Nail Polish Remover it did a much better job of cleaning up metal models. Nail Polish Remover is good but (1) takes time to remove all the paint from some models (2) isnt the nicest substance to work with and (3) can dull the finish/detailing on models.

Simple Green on the otherhand got rid of the paint Nail Polish Remover did not and after scrubbing left the metal models looking cleaner and pretty much brand new. It also doesn't smell nor require you to wear gloves.

Dettol is still good its cheaper per ml than either Nail Polish Remover or Simple Green and advice from users on Bugmans Brewery has told me that it works when diluted. This means it will last longer than the other two products. While it is very nasty to work with, it absolutely kills the skin, it does do a good job.

Have yet to try Simple Green on plastic though, will do some over the weekend (its going to rain again so cricket will be cancelled meaning I have more spare time) and post the results.

What keeps me motivated?
I have had a few comments on this blog and in Bugmans about how big a project I have embarked on with repainting my Dwarfs, wondering how I stay motivated. For me 3 things keep me going when it comes to painting (1) is working on my painting skills, taking pleasure in any that have improved and enjoying the results of my efforts, (2) painting is a good way to unwind after a hard day, and (3) is the fact that, unfortunately, I do not get much time to actually play WHFB anymore. Painting therefore is my primary WHFB activity.

To be honest in 2011 I expect the only WHFB games I will get will be at the 3-5 tournaments I might be able to attend (difficult as it costs to travel and it means a weekend away from the wife and kids), and with the 1-2 WHFB players left at my local club. 3 years ago when I first started playing WHFB there were about 6-8 full time regular WHFB players at my club. Over the last two years that number has dropped to 2 - myself and another Dwarf player Adam (hence all of our War of the Beard games between him and my High Elves). There are other players out there but they drop by only once in a blue moon and are very hard to get hold of, that and club nights are the only time I can really game - weekends outside of cricket season are for the family.

Still I love the game, love painting and collecting, love reading about gaming and following other peoples journeys through WHFB etc online. So regardless of how often I get to play I still be painting and collecting.

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Robin Sutton said...

Very cool.. mine is still in the box, I'm also trying to pluck up the courage to assemble it.. pinning, eh!!!

Kind regards