February 9, 2011

High Elves @ 2000pts

Although I will be taking my Dwarfs to Runefang I thought I would put together a High Elf list as well using the same restrictions. With a month or two until the tournament it gives me room to try out both lists (Dwarf & High Elf) to see how they play. Tournament army restrictions are:
• No Double Rares (unless 2:1) – and Rare % limited to 20% (400 points)
• No Double Specials (unless 2:1)
• Core % = minimum of 30% (600 points)
• No unit (including Command, Banners, Magic Items etc) over 350 points
• Warmachines limited to a maximum of three (2:1 count as single choice)
Expect players pack to also introduce army specific rules as well these wont affect Dwarfs too much but do expect them to ban certain items like the Power Scroll, Book of Hoeth and possibly the Banner of Sorcery (hopefully not).

2000pts High Elf Army

Archmage L4 (Lore of Metal)
- Folraiths Robe, Talisman of Preservation, Silver Wand

5 Spells, 4+ WS and immune to all non-magical attacks, and Lore of Metal to bolster army. Solid magical potential backed by Banner of Sorcery with White Lions.

- Armour of Caledor, Guardian Phoenix, GW

On foot to go with Spears, standard 2+ AS and 5+WS striking at S6 with re-rolls.

Spears x33
- Full Command, Banner of Eternal Flame

Big block rather than smaller one, 33 is an odd number but necessary to keep to 30% core requirement and also because of my lack of archer models

Archers x14
- Musician

Archers x10
- Musician

Two units of these rather than two blocks of Spears as High Elf shooting is slightly more accurate than that of Dwarfs

Swordmasters x18
- Full Command, Ironcurse Icon

Run in 6x3 formation, bolster with Lore of Metal and WS vs. Warmachines from Icon

White Lions x18
- Full Command, Banner of Sorcery

Dragon Princes x5
- Musician


TOTAL 1,999 pts

Two blocks of hard hitting infantry SM at S5 and WL at S6 both with re-rolls, good shooting, reasonable horde type formation to cater for light enemy infantry and decent magical potential. All round a nicely balanced list. Only issue is lack of bodies in special units due to the 350pt unit maximum, otherwise I would be running 25 Phoenix Guard and 25 White Lions. Inability to double up specials also means 1 large block of Swordmasters rather than 2 smaller blocks.

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