March 31, 2011

Dwarf rules I missed in 8th

Been reading Bugmans Brewery a fair bit lately and came across a couple of interesting comments that made me realise I had misinterpreted one important rule, and completely overlooked another.


"Runesmiths still automatically add 1dd and runelord 2dd as those are in the army book"

This was true under 7th, but under 8th I had assumed that my Dwarfs had lost this ability and that DD were determined purely by your oppponents lowest dice on their PD roll. But it appears you still get the dice and the +2 to all dispel attempts.
RE: Thunderers and taking a Champion --> First, if you give the champion a pair of pistols, now the rest of the unit can do Stand & Shoot at close range, since a unit doing S&S uses the max range of the weapon with the lowest range in the unit. That is a -1 less to roll, and it can mean a whole lot of dead enemies
This is in the stand and shoot rules p.17 under charge section, last paragraph on left:

"...the shooting is resolved normally assuming the enemy is just within maximum range of the shooting unit's shortest-ranged weapon"
So Champions for Thunderers suddenly become more interesting

March 29, 2011

WIP - More Dwarfs and High Elves for Thurs night

More progress on my Dwarfs last night getting 2nd layers and washes done on various bits of the remaining Hammerers and some artilley crew. Also all confirmed for a 2000pt match up vs. Aidans Dark Elves on Thursday night first test of my army list for Runefang IV. He is using the same army comp rules to design his army to make it even. It will be his first game of 8th and my 6th (I think) but my first in several months so will be interesting going. Hopefully will get at least 2 more games in before Runefang so I wont be too rusty when I get down there.

Aiming to stay up all night watching the cricket tonight so should get these guys all finished at the same time. Then its onto a unit of 20 Warriors before finishing off the Thunderers.

March 28, 2011

White Dwarf March 2011 & a great idea

Purchased the March issue of White Dwarf the other day principally to read up on the Karak Eight Peaks campaign that Pete Dunn will be using as a template for Call to Arms in August. The overall concept looks really good although the article seemed to be missing a couple of pages as it ended rather abruptly midway through a sentence.

Quite enjoyed the write up on the new Orcs & Goblins book its an army I wouldnt mind starting at some point as they seem to be a lot of fun to play and you could have a blast designing a good look for them. The new giant spider seems a bit OTT though especially for only 290pts base cost. I wonder what uber new weapon Dwarfs might get if/when our armybook ever gets updated.

Buying that issue did remind me though of why I stopped purchasing the mag a while ago - there is too much 40k. I used to get WD regularly and even purchased a ton of back issues off TradeMe but it just seemed like 40k dominated every issue and I lost interest. Still if you want good painting tips and inspiration its a great read.

One excellent piece of advice from the March issue was about the painting of big units. It simply suggested altering the amount of detail on a model depending on where it ranked in a unit. Front rank models got the full treatment, rear rank got hardly any - base coat and a wash, 2nd/3rd ranks you have the heads/hands and other visible areas done and thats it. Seems to be a great idea and much simpler than my efforts at painting every model the same regardless of where it goes.

I also noticed the big role washes have in the Heavy Metal crews painting particularly the application of multiple coats and the importance of letting each coat dry. I usually apply liberal amounts of washes but get too impatient to apply several coats over long time periods. The guide to painting Orc Savage Boyz really did show though how effective the technique is and more importantly how simple the basic painting process used by the Heavy Metal team is as well.

Back into painting tonight hopefully aiming to get Hammerers finished, and then a big night of painting tomorrow as I intend to stay up late watching the Cricket Semi-final between NZ and Sri Lanka.

Also decided to get a new box set of Dwarf Warriors at some point as I really like the newer look models over the 4th-5th edition ones that dominate my collection at the moment. Simply put the armour has more flat areas to apply colour meaning that the units stand out more. That and my current unit of 20 late edition models needs more bodies to bring it up to 30 strong.

March 25, 2011

Finding room to paint, who needs a workspace

Got stuck into painting last lot of Hammerers and some more artillery crew last night, focusing on the beards, green base coat, skin and initial washes. Thought Id take some random pics of my work area, which is unfortunately a fold out table erected in the living room on those evenings I find time to paint. After I've finished everything goes back on a couple of shelves in the bedroom, rest of my collections are kept outside in the sleepout. Lucky for me the Inda v. Australia semi-final was on last night so I had an excuse to stay up late and get more painting done than usual.

Oh and its the last weekend of club cricket this weekend, playing in final tomorrow if weather holds. Once thats done its back into regular weekly gaming (I dont game during cricket season), which means expect more battle reports from now on starting with 2000pt game vs. Dark Elves next week.

March 22, 2011

Dwarf Warriors completed & Hammerer basing

Finished basing Hammerers and unit of Warriors I completed a week or two ago last night. Added a few more touches to the movement trays as well. Compared to the old Hammerer scheme the new look is just what I wanted.

Images should expand out when clicked on

Old vs. New colour scheme

March 18, 2011

WIP - Dwarf Hammerers more pics front ranks done

Front ranks are pretty much complete now except for basing and a couple of minor touch ups. Beards have come out better than I thought and a good coating of Devlan Mud Wash on everything has dulled down the colours to a level that I like better.

March 17, 2011

WIP - Hammerer Regiment

Currently working on two front ranks of 6 models each. First rank of 6 is most advanced so far. I have no idea how I got the blue background as the photos were taken with a white one?!? One significant change for me is the mixing up of beard colours which will be done through all of the completed units. I've also chosen to paint the arms of each model in skin tones rather than interpret them as tunic sleeves. I think it looks better that way, and Ill probably do the same for the rest of the repainted army as well.

March 15, 2011

Karak Eight Peaks Tournament for August & 8th Help

Pete Dunn - New Zealands WHFB tournament organiser extraordinaire has announced details of the intended format of the Call to Arms Tournament 20th/21st August, and its sounds fantastic. Its inspiration is the latest issue of White Dwarf - which sadly has sold out in my home town.

The event is centred around the ongoing war between Skaven, Goblins and Dwarfs in the mountains to the east of the Empire. Played over 4-5 rounds the campaign uses rulebook scenarios as well as campaign-specific scenarios culminating in a three-way battle at the end.

The campaign will be played at Call to Arms in Wellington on the weekend of 20/21 August. The cost will be the normal registration cost for CTA which is typically around $35.

Initially I’m looking at 12 players – four for each race – but that may be revised up or down depending on interest. Armies are 2000pts and must be painted to tabletop quality (minimum)
So far we have 2 Dwarf players, including myself, 1 Skaven player (Pete) and 1 O&G player signed up. Hopefully we'll get enough to fill out the other 8 slots and have ourselves a great tournament.

Now only 5 weeks till I head down to Wellington for Runefang IV with my High Elves, and I still havent had a game of 8th this year to practice with my list. Tried last week but couldnt make and it looks like ill have to wait till cricket season finishes at the end of month before I can find the time to get a few games in.

Also found a link to a nice little quick reference sheet for the 8th Ed rules. Downloaded it yesterday and its pretty good. Check it out here

March 10, 2011

Current painting inspiration and NMM?!?

I spend a fair bit of time looking at and reading about other peoples painting efforts. They alternatively give me a huge amount of inspiration and ideas or just stun me into silence about how good they are. Lately I have been seeing the acronym NMM crop up again and again. I had to Google it find out what it meant and it stands for Non Metallic Metals a painting technique for getting great looking armor without using metal paints. Going to try it out on my Hammerers over the next week or so (I started a unit of 28 last night).

As for inspiration right now I have been spending a lot time digesting the following blogpost on Among my favorite pieces of his work (wish they were mine) are these great bits of art.
This guys painting is simply amazing and he offers some fantastic basic advice on what he does. I highly recommend people check it out. Post goes to 10 pages now so it will take time to get through.

March 7, 2011

Dwarf repainting project so many units WIP?!?

Trying to take stock of how much I left to do now that I have a target date for finishing in mind, 20th-21st August for the "Call to Arms" Tournament in Wellington. So many units I am starting to lose track of where I am at and what I need to concentrate on.

Organ Gun
Crews already done just need to redo basing on warmachine

Needs basing and crew to be painted

2 crew to be stripped and repainted, 1 just needing paint, and base to be redone

Thunderers x14
Includes 2 unit fillers proxying as 4 Thunderers each - all awaiting paint, try needs finishing

Hammerers x10
Tray needs finishing and figures need paint - one on the right is beginning of a test model for this unit
Warriors w. Great Weapons x20
Pretty much complete

Thunderers x10
Pretty much complete except for blue areas which I am going to darken up

Hammerers x28
Awaiting basing and painting

Warriors w. Great Weapons x20
Currently sitting in a tub of 'Simple Green'

Warriors x20
Waiting to be paint stripped and redone with Great Weapons

Warriors w. Great Weapons
Waiting to be paint stripped and redone

Quarrellers x20
Waiting to be paint stripped and creation of Standard Bearer

Miners x20
All complete, the first unit to be done as part of the project