March 7, 2011

Dwarf repainting project so many units WIP?!?

Trying to take stock of how much I left to do now that I have a target date for finishing in mind, 20th-21st August for the "Call to Arms" Tournament in Wellington. So many units I am starting to lose track of where I am at and what I need to concentrate on.

Organ Gun
Crews already done just need to redo basing on warmachine

Needs basing and crew to be painted

2 crew to be stripped and repainted, 1 just needing paint, and base to be redone

Thunderers x14
Includes 2 unit fillers proxying as 4 Thunderers each - all awaiting paint, try needs finishing

Hammerers x10
Tray needs finishing and figures need paint - one on the right is beginning of a test model for this unit
Warriors w. Great Weapons x20
Pretty much complete

Thunderers x10
Pretty much complete except for blue areas which I am going to darken up

Hammerers x28
Awaiting basing and painting

Warriors w. Great Weapons x20
Currently sitting in a tub of 'Simple Green'

Warriors x20
Waiting to be paint stripped and redone with Great Weapons

Warriors w. Great Weapons
Waiting to be paint stripped and redone

Quarrellers x20
Waiting to be paint stripped and creation of Standard Bearer

Miners x20
All complete, the first unit to be done as part of the project


Sian said...

Hmmmm I am all for unit fillers but they still have to "imply" the unit is a certain size for me one guy with some equipment does not really count as a filler. To me it does not seem like a part of the unit or a mini diorama which can also fulfil the same niche.

Chase said...

Love the miners and GW warriors. The cannon and OG also look good :).
The banner one the GW warriors could use some more work dough.
keep up the good work :)
(and I`m returning to converting my 40 GW warriors ;P )

Darth Weasel said...

just out of curiosity, what brand paint you use? how many coats it take to get coverage?

John said...

@Chase - thanks and yeah the banner is still a WIP

@Sian - I see your point but I was kind of using up a spare body I had hence only 1 guy on that 2nd filler base

@Darth - I use GW paints and the Citadel foundation range. Coats one of each colour - so for green areas thats 5 different layers. Then I tend to apply 2-3 layers of wash depending on what part I am doing.

The Pilch said...

Hi John, found your blog through BOLS!

How good is simple green at stripping models? Plastic/metal, old/thick coats of paint, black primer, speed?

Thanks :D


John said...

Hi Pitch

Simple Green is excellent. Leave it for 48hours for best results. Paint will peal away by itself with minimal effort needed to scrub it clean. Plastic and metal both work very well.

removing old layers of paint wasnt an issue, but I have found that it doesnt always remove the black primer.

For models that have a lot of old coats of paint of them I would recommend either Dettol for plastic, or Nail Polish Remover for metal. For metal models I would follow the nail polish remover up with Simple Green as it will really strip them back to brand new condition.