March 31, 2011

Dwarf rules I missed in 8th

Been reading Bugmans Brewery a fair bit lately and came across a couple of interesting comments that made me realise I had misinterpreted one important rule, and completely overlooked another.


"Runesmiths still automatically add 1dd and runelord 2dd as those are in the army book"

This was true under 7th, but under 8th I had assumed that my Dwarfs had lost this ability and that DD were determined purely by your oppponents lowest dice on their PD roll. But it appears you still get the dice and the +2 to all dispel attempts.
RE: Thunderers and taking a Champion --> First, if you give the champion a pair of pistols, now the rest of the unit can do Stand & Shoot at close range, since a unit doing S&S uses the max range of the weapon with the lowest range in the unit. That is a -1 less to roll, and it can mean a whole lot of dead enemies
This is in the stand and shoot rules p.17 under charge section, last paragraph on left:

"...the shooting is resolved normally assuming the enemy is just within maximum range of the shooting unit's shortest-ranged weapon"
So Champions for Thunderers suddenly become more interesting


RedCraig said...

Oh nice, I didn't know that either.
Recently I've been playing with a big block of Quarreller Rangers which is quite a lot of points.
I'm tempted have their size and slot in a 10 Thunderers now.

RedCraig said...

Wow, English fail there.
I meant:
I'm tempted halve their size and slot in a unit of 10 Thunderers now.