March 22, 2011

Dwarf Warriors completed & Hammerer basing

Finished basing Hammerers and unit of Warriors I completed a week or two ago last night. Added a few more touches to the movement trays as well. Compared to the old Hammerer scheme the new look is just what I wanted.

Images should expand out when clicked on

Old vs. New colour scheme


Nesbet said...

Very nice looking units.

Nice job ;D

Darth Weasel said...

those bases look spectacular. add a good deal to it, nice work

Black Bard said...

They look even better side by side with finished bases and models. Whats next?

John said...

Cheers for the feedback guys. The rocks were a last minute addition to the bases and turned out better than I thought (grabbed them off the driveway).

2 blocks of 20 Warriors up next once Hammerers are done. And I have to put snow onto a High Elf base ready for a tournament in a couple of weeks.