March 25, 2011

Finding room to paint, who needs a workspace

Got stuck into painting last lot of Hammerers and some more artillery crew last night, focusing on the beards, green base coat, skin and initial washes. Thought Id take some random pics of my work area, which is unfortunately a fold out table erected in the living room on those evenings I find time to paint. After I've finished everything goes back on a couple of shelves in the bedroom, rest of my collections are kept outside in the sleepout. Lucky for me the Inda v. Australia semi-final was on last night so I had an excuse to stay up late and get more painting done than usual.

Oh and its the last weekend of club cricket this weekend, playing in final tomorrow if weather holds. Once thats done its back into regular weekly gaming (I dont game during cricket season), which means expect more battle reports from now on starting with 2000pt game vs. Dark Elves next week.

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