March 4, 2011

High Elves for Runefang IV

The army I am taking to Runefang IV. First outing should (hopefully) be at the club next Thursday vs. Aidans Dark Elves. Depending on how play testing goes I think the list will remain pretty much unchanged but we'll see. Just have to finish snow edging around movement tray for Spears and get a few more fridge magnets to help keep the figures in place.

The main army image and some of the others (depending on your screen resolution) should expand out when clicked on.

2000pts of High Elves

Restrictions - 30% min core, no double specials/rares, no unit to cost more than 350pts

General & Level 4 Archmage

Lore of Shadow, Talisman of Preservation, Silver Wand, Ironcurse Icon

(Icon is for whatever unit she joins not her)

Noble & Battle Standard Bearer

Armour of Caledor, Guardian Phoenix, Great Weapon


1 of 10 with Musician, 1 of 14 with Musician & Standard Bearer(Standard Bearer to cater for scenario based on Fortitude score)

18 Phoenix Guard

Full Command, Razor Standard

34 Spears

Full Command, Banner of Eternal Flame

18 White Lions

Full Command, Banner of Sorcery

6 Dragon Princes



Nesbet said...

Nice pics!

But they don't expand when clicking them.


Pete Dunn said...

Looking good John.

John said...

Thanks Nesbet not sure what happened to images will try and fix at office on Monday

Cheers Pete - not a shade on your efforts but Im happy with them :)

Darth Weasel said...

you should paint mine for me...I know you are just looking for stuff to do :-)

Larry said...

That's allot of painted minis!
Nice work.