March 15, 2011

Karak Eight Peaks Tournament for August & 8th Help

Pete Dunn - New Zealands WHFB tournament organiser extraordinaire has announced details of the intended format of the Call to Arms Tournament 20th/21st August, and its sounds fantastic. Its inspiration is the latest issue of White Dwarf - which sadly has sold out in my home town.

The event is centred around the ongoing war between Skaven, Goblins and Dwarfs in the mountains to the east of the Empire. Played over 4-5 rounds the campaign uses rulebook scenarios as well as campaign-specific scenarios culminating in a three-way battle at the end.

The campaign will be played at Call to Arms in Wellington on the weekend of 20/21 August. The cost will be the normal registration cost for CTA which is typically around $35.

Initially I’m looking at 12 players – four for each race – but that may be revised up or down depending on interest. Armies are 2000pts and must be painted to tabletop quality (minimum)
So far we have 2 Dwarf players, including myself, 1 Skaven player (Pete) and 1 O&G player signed up. Hopefully we'll get enough to fill out the other 8 slots and have ourselves a great tournament.

Now only 5 weeks till I head down to Wellington for Runefang IV with my High Elves, and I still havent had a game of 8th this year to practice with my list. Tried last week but couldnt make and it looks like ill have to wait till cricket season finishes at the end of month before I can find the time to get a few games in.

Also found a link to a nice little quick reference sheet for the 8th Ed rules. Downloaded it yesterday and its pretty good. Check it out here

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Darth Weasel said...

sounds liker a fun campaign. hope you get some practice in.