March 10, 2011

Current painting inspiration and NMM?!?

I spend a fair bit of time looking at and reading about other peoples painting efforts. They alternatively give me a huge amount of inspiration and ideas or just stun me into silence about how good they are. Lately I have been seeing the acronym NMM crop up again and again. I had to Google it find out what it meant and it stands for Non Metallic Metals a painting technique for getting great looking armor without using metal paints. Going to try it out on my Hammerers over the next week or so (I started a unit of 28 last night).

As for inspiration right now I have been spending a lot time digesting the following blogpost on Among my favorite pieces of his work (wish they were mine) are these great bits of art.
This guys painting is simply amazing and he offers some fantastic basic advice on what he does. I highly recommend people check it out. Post goes to 10 pages now so it will take time to get through.

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Darth Weasel said...

usually those type posts have had little application for me as I have always been an oil guy. But traded for new army and planning to water it up. Will try some of these things out.