March 28, 2011

White Dwarf March 2011 & a great idea

Purchased the March issue of White Dwarf the other day principally to read up on the Karak Eight Peaks campaign that Pete Dunn will be using as a template for Call to Arms in August. The overall concept looks really good although the article seemed to be missing a couple of pages as it ended rather abruptly midway through a sentence.

Quite enjoyed the write up on the new Orcs & Goblins book its an army I wouldnt mind starting at some point as they seem to be a lot of fun to play and you could have a blast designing a good look for them. The new giant spider seems a bit OTT though especially for only 290pts base cost. I wonder what uber new weapon Dwarfs might get if/when our armybook ever gets updated.

Buying that issue did remind me though of why I stopped purchasing the mag a while ago - there is too much 40k. I used to get WD regularly and even purchased a ton of back issues off TradeMe but it just seemed like 40k dominated every issue and I lost interest. Still if you want good painting tips and inspiration its a great read.

One excellent piece of advice from the March issue was about the painting of big units. It simply suggested altering the amount of detail on a model depending on where it ranked in a unit. Front rank models got the full treatment, rear rank got hardly any - base coat and a wash, 2nd/3rd ranks you have the heads/hands and other visible areas done and thats it. Seems to be a great idea and much simpler than my efforts at painting every model the same regardless of where it goes.

I also noticed the big role washes have in the Heavy Metal crews painting particularly the application of multiple coats and the importance of letting each coat dry. I usually apply liberal amounts of washes but get too impatient to apply several coats over long time periods. The guide to painting Orc Savage Boyz really did show though how effective the technique is and more importantly how simple the basic painting process used by the Heavy Metal team is as well.

Back into painting tonight hopefully aiming to get Hammerers finished, and then a big night of painting tomorrow as I intend to stay up late watching the Cricket Semi-final between NZ and Sri Lanka.

Also decided to get a new box set of Dwarf Warriors at some point as I really like the newer look models over the 4th-5th edition ones that dominate my collection at the moment. Simply put the armour has more flat areas to apply colour meaning that the units stand out more. That and my current unit of 20 late edition models needs more bodies to bring it up to 30 strong.


Neil said...

Have you checked out the Mantic Dwarves yet?
My Vampire Counts have taken a new lease of life (so to speak) since discovering their range.

John said...

Yeah Ive looked at them and thought they were pretty good and very well priced. Considered them as an option for building a couple of new units.