March 3, 2011

WIP Dwarf Warrior Regiment & Hammerer test model

Nearly completed first unit of repainted Dwarf Warriors. Just a few minor touch ups to areas like the weapon handles, helmets, cloak highlights etc to do and the unit is complete. Also started work on a single Hammerer model as a test for the colour scheme for the rest of my collection, hes only partially done but starting to look Ok. The Warriors are significantly duller in effect than the Thunderers and Heroes I completed earlier and I have mixed up the beard colours as well. I think the dull look is better and Ill go back to the other models and dampen them down a bit now.

(Pictures should all expand out alot when clicked on)

A side note on the Hammerer he was paint stripped with "Simple Green" slightly diluted, which I now prefer as the best means for stripping old minis. Dettol works but murders the cleaning surface and any other materials you use, its also unpleasent to work with. Soaking your models for a few days in Simple Green removes the paint better doesnt leave a toxic sticky residue and its a hell of a lot nicer to work with. Oh and it doesnt ruin your wifes rubber gloves - always a bonus.

Also starting to finish off the movement trays for my snow bound High Elf army in preparation for Runefang IV next month. This includes the first use of metal sheeting rather than fridge magnets on the tray. Early tests have shown that the metal provides the stronger bond I need for my metal Phoenix Guard & White Lions.

Ill be ordering some more of the sheeting and some more fridge magnet stuff over the next few weeks, and hopefully finding enough time to complete a reasonable looking display board before the tournament.

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