March 29, 2011

WIP - More Dwarfs and High Elves for Thurs night

More progress on my Dwarfs last night getting 2nd layers and washes done on various bits of the remaining Hammerers and some artilley crew. Also all confirmed for a 2000pt match up vs. Aidans Dark Elves on Thursday night first test of my army list for Runefang IV. He is using the same army comp rules to design his army to make it even. It will be his first game of 8th and my 6th (I think) but my first in several months so will be interesting going. Hopefully will get at least 2 more games in before Runefang so I wont be too rusty when I get down there.

Aiming to stay up all night watching the cricket tonight so should get these guys all finished at the same time. Then its onto a unit of 20 Warriors before finishing off the Thunderers.


Robin Sutton said...

Enjoying watching your progress.. wish I could regain my own painting mojo and get down to some work.

Keep it up!!!

Kind regards

John said...

Thanks Robin I intend to just hard to find time but I make sure I enjoy every hour I get.

Helps to have long term goals in mind - in this case its Call to Arms in August as the deadline for getting my Dwarfs finished