April 21, 2011

Army list Fallschirmjager at 1100pts

First practice game tonight for Panzershrek the Late War 2v2 FOW tournament I am attending in July. Its a local event staged by my home club and one I have always wanted to go to. Partnering up with Jerry who is bringing a Tiger Company so with my Fallschirmjager we are going to have a fairly strong force.

Army list is going to based on Fortress Europe primarily as that is what my model purchases have been around. Hells Highway offers some benefits principally cheaper combat platoons and access to cheaper 10.5cm artillery, but I have to build a list based on what I own and can get painted by July. Consequently, my FJ Artillery Platoon is back on the painting table and will be going ahead of the Dwarfs that were occupying it for much of the year to date.

Looking forward to playing FOW again and painting my FOW figures - 15mm is very different from 28mm, alot harder but it is fun.

Anyway list for tonight and the 2v2 tournament is

CHQ - 205pts
w. PF/SMG, Panzershrek, 3 x 8cm GW42

FJ Platoon - 265pts
w. PF/SMG, 3 Squads

FJ Platoon - 265pts
w. PF/SMG, 3 Squads

FJ Light Gun Platoon - 70pts

FJ Artillery Battery - 190pts
w. 2 Sections - 4 x Geb36 7.5cm

FJ HMG Platoon - 100pts
w. 1 section (combat attach 1 gun to each combat platoon)

TOTAL 1,095pts

This gives me two 11 base combat platoons with a lot of firepower. The Light Gun Platoon offers some cheap effective AT support and with Panzershrek means my two combat Platoons are well balanced. The Artillery and HQ Mortars provide the template weapons for our force. 7.5cm aren't as strong as 10.5's but with the Tigers in the background they will be strong enough. Probably only thing I am really missing would be some form of AA support say a FJ AA Platoon with 2 x 2cm guns or the same guns mounted on Sd Kfz's. These options come in at 80 & 60 points respectively. To take the Sd's I could drop the Panzershrek and the CHQ Panzerfausts.

Maybe ill pick up a couple of blister packs over the next couple of weeks and put some together.

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