April 15, 2011

Battle Report - High Elves vs. Dwarfs @ 2000pts

A tale of the War of the Beard between Elves & Dwarfs in the Old World
(The 7th battle in my ongoing series with clubmate Adam - maps and pictures should expand out when clicked on)

The troops garrisoning the Elven fortress of Elandarana had now enjured 70 winters in the Old World, 70 years of hardship, defeat, slim victories, betrayal and mutiny. Findecáno Amandil had first joined the garrison 15 years ago. As a fresh faced Mage of the 2nd house his first sight had been the rotting remains of the garrisons original commanders. Their bodies had been left on display as a reminder to all of their failures and the mutiny that followed. His first major engagement against the Dwarfs had not gone well (link) the Archmage in command on that day fell in battle along with most of the troops who accompanied him. Findecáno had been forced to take command rallying the battered survivors before leading them in yet another retreat to Elandarana.

Deployment (Miners came on in T2)

The respective armies deploy

Things had little improved in the 15 years since that date Findecáno's powers had grown, he was now an Archmage of the 4th House servant of Life and the veteran and countless skirmishes between Elf and Dwarf. Now nearly 15 years to the day after his first major battle against the hated bearded foe it was his turn to lead a full strength High Elven army into battle. Arrayed around him this day were White Lions of Chrace, Phoenix Guard, Dragon Princes of Caledor and the massed ranks of citizen militia Spearelves and Archers. Ahead was suprisingly small force of Dwarfs - a single warmachine, two ranked units of Quarrellers and a large unit of longbearded Dwarven Warriors.

Turn 1 - Dwarfs

Findecáno was both surprised and relieved at the limited number of Dwarves his force seemed to be facing. Fearsome fighters, they were worthy of grudging respect for their martial prowess, if not for their ugly exterior, drunkeness and hideous beards. Readying his troops Findecáno was about to issue his first order when a surprised shout from the White Lions among whom he stood drew his attention forward. There, emerging from cover among the trees was a massed rank of Dwarven rangers who even now were rushing forward to take up positions directly in front of the Elven army.
Those damn rangers pop out in the wrong place!!!

Acting under some strange compulsion Findecáno found himself issuing the order to charge - Runic magic drawing him into accepting the challenge posed by the new arrivals. Along with the White Lions he rushed forward at the Dwarves only to see a wave of throwing axes arc suddenly from their front ranks. Several White Lions went down screaming as axes buried themselves in their bodies, but most shrugged off the threat, their Lion Cloaks offering enough protection.

Turn 1 - High Elves

Master Rune of Challenge me will you - take that!!!

Meanwhile the rest of the Elven army moved to counter this threat choosing for now to ignore the other Dwarfs who had remained unmoving in their defensive positions. Only the Phoenix Guard moved forward their Ward Saves making them bold in the face of the Organ Gun and Quarrellers they faced. The Dragon Princes were not so trusting of their armour though and carefully moved to stay out of range of the deadly Dwarven warmachine. In combat White Lion and Dwarven Great Weapons carved through flesh and bone and soon scores of Dwarfs and several High Elves lay dead on the field. Findecáno himself was wounded as his position in the front rank of the White Lions meant he was unable to escape combat.

Turn 2 - Dwarfs

Oh Bugger here come the Miners - quick Archers run into the building

The Dwarven rangers were not isolated and alone for long though as a Regiment of Miners led by a white bearded Thane emerged from a tunnel right under the Elves feet. Their resolute march forward was too late though as the White Lions cut down Ranger after Ranger destroying the unit and forcing the few survivors to flee the field. To the right the Dwarven Organ Gun readied itself to fire at the Phoenix Guard only for tradegy to strike. A misfire in one of its barrels caused it to explode killing its crew and leaving the machine a mangled wreck.

Turn 2 - High Elves

Yah Organ Guns destroyed and the Rangers are fleeing lets set up for the kill

With the Rangers fleeing the field and the Organ Gun destroyed Findecáno acted quickly ordering a swift redeployment of his forces to exploit these opportunities. The Spears which had been moving toward the flank of the now fleeing rangers swung right and marched toward the Dwarven defensive positions. The Dragon Princes and Findecáno's enthralled Eagle moved forward to threaten the Dwarven Miners who instead of facing the rear ranks of Elven units locked in combat, were not surrounded and outnumbered.

Turn 3 - Dwarfs

Thats right Miners watch as your comrades run away - AH HA HA HA!!!

Turn 3 - High Elves

Unsure of what to do the Dwarven Miners reformed their ranks and waited for the Elves to make the first move, while the rest of their army contented itself with trying to whittle down the Elven ranks with missile fire. This proved succesful as the dozens of Elven militia and a number of Phoenix Guard were cut down. In response to the Miners indecision the Great Eagle and Dragon Princes both charged their ranks. However, the Dragon Princes pulled up short their mounts stumbling for some reason and failing to charge home the full distance. Left alone in combat the mighty Eagle clawed several Dwarfs to death taking only minor wounds in return.

Turn 4 - Dwarves

Nah nah you can't get me....

Oops you can my mistake

Perhaps unwilling to remain passive any longer the Dwarven Battle Standard Bearer and his unit charged the Phoenix Guard, who had positioned themselves teasingly close. Not for the first time in this war Longbeard and Phoenix Guard locked themselves in unforgiving combat - this time, unlike Findecáno's first battle the Phoenix Guard were superior. Scores of Dwarves were simply butchered as the Phoenix Guards magical Razor standard allowed their Halberds to cut through Dwarven armour like butter. Some Phoenix Guard fell but not many, and the Longbeards had to steel their nerves only just preventing the desire to break and run from overcoming them.

Turn 4 - High Elves

Ah ha taste death as my horses chew your stumpy little heads off

On the otherside of the battlefield the Dragon Princes now charged into the Miners cutting down scores of them as their lances peirced flesh and bone with ease. But their charge was not as succesful as hoped and soon they became bogged down, their lances useless, among the massed ranks of the Dwarves. Even Dragon Armour could not stop the penetrating power of Miners picks wielded by Dwarven hands and now its was Elven blood that stained the earth.

Turn 5 - Dwarves

Are we pretty or are we pretty?!?

Managing, only just, to hold their nerve the Dragon Princes and Miners fought as the Great Eagle circled overhead the combat attacking Dwarves at will. The Spear regiment meanwhile charged home against the first of the Dwarven Quarreller regiments putting it to flight. The Phoenix Guard too were victorious slaughtering the last of the Longbeards before reforming to face the remaining Dwarven Quarrellers.

Turn 5 - High Elves

Turn 6 - Dwarves

In a few short minutes nearly the entire Dwarven army had been destroyed. The Miners earned some small revenge though cutting down the Great Eagle and the Dragon Princes, but not before their own ranks were almost completely wiped out.

Turn 6 - High Elves

In the battles final acts the surviving miners were shot down before they could bring their picks to bear on the White Lions. The Elven Battle Standard Bearer also joined with the Phoenix Guard in charging the remaining Dwarven Quarreller unit. It didnt stand a chance and was simply crushed. Findecáno stood wounded and bloody in the middle of the battlefield. To either side of him Elven units were cheering as the few surviving Dwarves fled, those who were too slow executed rather than being taken prisoner.

I win you varmint

Throughout the battle his magic had proved indecisive and largely unimportant to the battles outcome the winds of magic not providing him with enough power to cast anything of note, but..

Victory was his and it was sweet!!!

War of the Beard Stats
High Elves - 3
Dwarfs - 3
Drawn - 1


Darth Weasel said...

great report. Some very funny comments in there.

And love the Yosemite Sam...

Anonymous said...

A good game and a well written report; thanks for sharing it.

Do you think that splitting the Dwarf force in two caused their defeat, or was it just that the Phoenix Guard had what it took to weather your shooting and still win their combat with the Longbeards?

John said...

Cheers for comments guys

@ Darth - yeah its my mates was a nice touch

@Bovine - the Rangers were a good ploy as they diverted most of my army to deal with them. Two things counted against the Dwarfs in the game. First the Organ Gun blew up meaning that I had no probs turning advancing toward them. Until that point I was avoiding the rest of the Dwarf army.

Secondly, the lack of a 4th large combat unit was a killer for them. If another unit of Warriors had been in that main battle line it would have made things interesting. Basically I only needed two units Spears and PG to kill the rest.

What hurt the Longbeards was that with the Razor Standard they had no AS against me so needed me to fail alot of WS to win in combat. A flank charge by the Quarrellers might have helped them.

Black Bard said...

Wow! Very cool, Do you know what the goblin player used for his mangler squig? It looks great!!!
Love the reports too!
Cheers, B