April 29, 2011

Battle Report - High Elves vs. Dwarfs @ 2400pts

A tale of the War of the Beard between Elves & Dwarfs in the Old World
(The 8th battle in my ongoing series with clubmate Adam - maps and pictures should expand out when clicked on)
Once again the forces of Ulthuan do battle with their stunty old world foe. This time in a classic meeting engagement (hence the diagonal deployment zone), over a Dwarf Brewery (tower structure in centre of the field). The Dwarfs have recently rebuilt this dispicable example of their boorish culture and we the forces of Light and Harmony have decided to burn it to the ground and kill a few Dwarfs at the same time.

The battlefield from the Elven side
The small rock to the centre right is the Brewery
Oh bugger more of those Longbeards

The Dwarven army deployed first although its 2 Grudge Throwers were delayed and had to come onto the field as reinforcements. Seeing little in the way of infantry opposition, but fearing another appearance of the fearsome Longbeard Rangers the Elven army (click here for army list) deployed carefully. Each unit placed in such a way that the only place any Dwarven scouts could deploy was in front of them (always pays to measure out a 12" area around your units when you deploy so Scouts cant get put behind you). Aiming to avoid the strong Dwarven shooting and the Psychology inducing effects of the Brewery (made all units within 6" Stubborn and ITP and Dwarfs unbreakable) the Elven General deployed the bulk of her (my archmage model is female not me :) ) infantry on the right flank.

Getting ready to do some damage - that damn template lands in the wrong spot though

Somehow the Dwarfs gained the initiative and moved first, although being the cowardly stumpy beasts they are they contented themselves with merely deploying their Rangers (a horde of 30 with 2 Thanes including their General) and with shooting up the Reavers. The Elven General smiled contentedly to herself as she realised she and her fellow Level 4 Archmage would be largely unopposed as the Dwarven army had not fielded any Runesmiths or RuneLords in this battle. Backed by the Banner of Sorcery she was certain her magic would cut a swathe through the Dwarven ranks.

AH HA take that Organ Gun

Moving her troops in Turn 1 the Elven forces angled toward the Longbeards who consisted the primary threat. They could have been ignored but having 30 GW and Throwing Axe weilding Dwarfs no matter how slow walking around your rear isnt a good thing. So it was up to the Purple Sun of Xerxes to get the first wounds in, although an Eagle managed to charge the Organ Gun. But horror of horrors a miscast on the first roll and only a local scatter takes the Sun away from the Phoenix Guard although it stilled clipped the unit and killed 3 of them. The Sun would then bounce around for the next 3 turns doing nothing - until the Elves finally remembered the could dispel it if they wanted to.

Turn 2 begins with the Organ Gun getting destroyed and the Longbeards edging away from the advancing Elven infantry. As the Stone Throwers come on in reserve the Elves had to make a decision whether to attack the Longbeards or ignore them and charge at all of that horrible Dwarven shooting while being pummelled with Stones.... CHARGE was the cry and into battle went an Eagle, the Spears with BSB and the Dragon Princes. Throwing axes took down 1 Dragon Prince and the Elves crashed into the Longbeards ranks.


But then major failure Elven magic fails none of the Elven units get augmented and the Longbeards aren't hexed. Elven weapons fail to kill more than a handful of Dwarfs and then Dwarven axes carve a bloody swathe through their ranks. Scores of Elves are cut down and then all three units break and run, the Spears being cut down as they fled and only the Eagle and Dragon Princes getting away. Its only Turn 2 and things have gone horribly wrong. On the left it gets worse as the Reavers and Archers get carved up by crossbow bolts. The destruction of the Organ Gun the only bright moment for the Elves.

As the Elven forces rally they turn to face a screaming horde of Longbeards charging full tilt at the resolute ranks of Phoenix Guard. Before this happens though a Runic Talisman forces the 2nd Archmage to flee rather than face charging the Dwarves alone, and the Dwarven General leaves his unit to stand watch in a nearby forest (which turns out to be rather mysterious turning him into a fear generating Dwarf). The resulting combat is a reply of nearly every other battle fought in the war so far with victory coming down to a slug fest between Phoenix Guard and Longbeard.

The Dwarves hold out for one round of combat killing only a few Phoenix Guard while their own numbers are reduced by half. Needing to find something special to avoid flight a Rune of Determination (and Adams long run up to cast his dice) saves them from flight and rune. But not for long as the Dragon Princes charge their flank and Elven magic takes hold once again (In 5 of 6 turns I threw 10-12 on 2D6 for power dice and got at least 2 from the Banner of Sorcery). The Elven mages find themselves with a huge pool of power dice and Hex and Augment spells go off all over the place. Dwarven strength (-1) and toughness (-1) is sapped as is their leadership (-3) and a Shield of Thorns surrounds the Dragon Princes.

The Dwarves are utterly destroyed and the sole surviving Thane flees only to be chopped down by the chasing Elven infantry. Dwarven shooting replies weakly killing off the last of the Archers and Eagles but is all they can do. Left alone in the forest the Dwarven General unprotected by Rune magic is hit by spell after spell from the Lore of Death (another 15 PD round) and is killed.

The battle ends with the Elves trying one last time to drive the Purple Sun through the Dwarven army but the large template stops just short of the Dwarven units still left on the board. The battle ends with both sides exhausted in a bloody (very bloody) stalemate. The brewery remains untouched but both armies have suffered equal losses and neither can claim victory.

War of the Beard Stats
High Elves - 3
Dwarves - 3
Drawn - 2


Pete Dunn said...

Typical. Bloody Elves vs. Dwarfs and it's a draw.

More death please.

Fnurgn said...

Loved the read, thanks

John M said...

Believe me we are trying Pete

Darth Weasel said...

I just think it is great seeing such an epic series so evenly matched.

John M said...

Cheers Darth we certainly enjoy it just need to find a way to play some larger games would be good to have a 4000pt+ epic encounter to really set things off

Hobby Horse said...

Nice battle report, though I did feel a bit sorry for the bearded ones having to contend with all that magic. Definitely one for the Book Of Grudges.

And wow, that is one big dice!