April 23, 2011

Fallschirmjager 1100pt 2v2 Tournament army list

OK we had our first practice game the other night and our combined Tiger/FJ company worked OK but we didnt have enough Platoons on the ground to offer any kind of flexibility particularly against large Soviet reinforcement Platoons of T34's. Found also that once 1 of my FJ Platoons got pinned I had no real combat power left to do anything offensive.

So have modified list and am working from Hells Highway now using the 3rd FJ Division

Worked up the following

Company HQ - 2xPF/SMG, 2xPanzershrek, 3xMortars - 185
FJ Platoon - PF/SMG, 3
Squads - 200
FJ Platoon - PF/SMG, 3 Squads - 200
FJ Pioneers - 2 Squads,
Supply Truck - 200
FJ Artillery - 3 x 10.5cm FH18 - 150
Ersatz Platoon -
3 SdKfz 250 - 85
Luftwaffe AA Platoon - 1 x 88mm, 2 x 2cm Flak 38 - 95

TOTAL 1115
(more than 1100 but are allowed to borrow up to 200pts from our
teammates and he has about 20 spare)

The Ersatz Platoon comes with 3 half-tracks (need to buy them) 2 with 2cm Flak 38 which have AT5 FP5 ROF3 so not bad. Could get standard FJ AA Platoon for 75pts with 3 Flak 38s. Take one of these and battlegroup it with 2IC and 2 Flak 38s from Luftwaffe Platoon and thats a pretty mobile HMG substitute.

This gives us stronger artillery from last week - more infantry on the ground, ability to put down 3 barbed wire entanglements or 1 minefield in defensive scenarions, and some additional AT & anti-infantry power.


Chevalier de la Terre said...

My opinion (FWIW), I think you're very light on Anti-tank and very immobile. Have you tried using the FV StuGs? Something like:

HQ, 2 'fausts, 3 Panzerschrecks, 1 8cm Mortar (combat attach to mortar platoon below) (160)
FJ Platoon - 3 Squads, 'faust (200)
FJ Platoon - 3 Squads, 'faust (200)
FJ Mortars - 1 Section (65)
FJ StuGs x 3 (325)
FJ 105s (150)

= 1100 Pts (5 Platoons)

Combat attach the 8cm HQ Mortar to the FJ Mortar Platoon = 3 weapons, normal bombardment and double-wide smoke template. If you need 6 platoons you can KG a Squad of FJ from one platoon with the 2iC. Also, 3 'shrek teams gives you some flexibility either to combat attach (more integral AT) or deploy as a 'speed-bump' HQ platoon with the 2iC.

FV StuGs are pretty tough. With the 8cm mortars providing smoke, you can screen-off half or more a T-34 company and just pick on a few with the StuGs and 105s. Same for other nasties (veteran Shermans & Fireflies, etc). The mortars can also cover your infantry assaults which in my experience is very difficult to pull-off when Trained.

Of course there are lots of other things you miss, but you can't get everything in 1100. Just a thought.


lap1964 said...

you cann't use the LW AA plt to help form a KG Plt,as they are a "support Plt".
I would also keep the 250 plt,as you can use that to keep ambushes away from the Tigers.
Posted a list on the FOW site for you to look at.

John Murrie said...

Saw that thanks Les and made a reply. I did think about the FV StuGs as I usually run them but didnt see the need given my team mates Tiger force.

Saw having extra infantry on the ground as being more beneficial.

Do neither of u consider the AA worth taking even as a basic HMG substitute.

Chevalier de la Terre said...

Never. AA Weapons do not get Concealment when dug-in, so why bother? With large platoons I wouldn't be concerned with Air attacks (they'd probably be after the Tigers anyway).

On AA vs HMGs, HMGs win hands down for me: they are map-packed, can sometime "hide" in infantry platoon (i.e. against Fp 6 and 5+ weapons), can combat attach, get RoF 2 in defensive fire, etc. Basically they are defensive weapons and RoF is more important here that AT5. Vs armoured cars, carriers, etc I'd prefer to rely on the HQ shreks CA'd out: better AT, better save for the team, more mobile and more versatile since they can be CA'd where you need them, etc. Might just be me though ;)


John Murrie said...

Oh ok thats for the explanation I was looking at them purely from a points cost rather than how I would use them really. Hadnt realised they didnt get the concealment bonus. Will rework the list and repost as soon as I can.