April 25, 2011

Fallschirmjager 1100pt 2v2 Tournament army list take 2

Been getting a lot of advice this last few days on a workable army list for Panzershrek. The suggestions have all been gratefully recieved but I am now in a bit of a quandry as to take the advice I have been given means purchasing some more stuff. As much as I would love to at the moment thats a no-goer particularly as my work schedule means its unlikely I would get any newly purchased items painted in time for the tournament.

Consequently, I am going to have to build my list around what I currently own and can borrow from club mates. Checked with club mates and I can source some 10.5 cm guns which means I can use the 3rd FJ Div in Hells Highway as well as Fortress Europe as a list builder.

There is also another book out there about the German defence of Western Europe but I havent seen that yet and army builder doesnt have it loaded yet as an army file. Wondering if any there are any other LW army books with FJ builds in them?

Anyway have narrowed down my list to two options both of which Ill try out before settling on a final version.

v1 - Fortress Europe Fallschirmjager

CHQ - PF/SMG, 1 Mortar - 110
FJ Platoon - PF/SMG 3 Squads - 265
FJ Platoon - PF/SMG 3 Squads - 265
FJ Mortar - 1 section - 80
FJ Artillery - 2 sections - 190
Assualt Guns - 2 StuGs - 190

Total 1,100

v2 - Hells Highway 3rd Division FJ

CHQ - PF/SMG x2, Panzershrek x2, Mortar x1 - 135
FJ Platoon - PF/SMG, 3 Squads - 200
FJ Platoon - PF/SMG, 3 Squads - 200
FJ Pioneers - PF/SMG, 2 Squads, Truck - 210
FJ Artillery - 3 x 10.5 FH18 - 150
FJ AT Platoon - 3 x Pak 40 - 130
FJ Mortars - 1 section, PF/SMG - 75

Total 1,100

Both lists make full use of the units I have in my collection, v2 the guns I can borrow, and give a reasonably balanced force in each case. v2 could swap the Paks for 2 Heer StuGs but I prefer the extra firepower of 3 guns vs. the flexibility of StuGs.

Thoughts anyone?


Chevalier de la Terre said...

From these, I'd prefer list 1, definitely.

List 2 (and Fearless Trained FJ) IMHO needs the FV StuGs to help-out: without them the list lacks a 'punch' unit, either for offense of mobile defense. FV FJ are more capable units by themselves, but the Trained variety need more of a combined-arms approach IMO.


lap1964 said...

I would go with the HH list,but take a full pionier plt.
If you get your Soviet friends to bring a Tankovy and a Razvedki for the next game,that should give you a good game,and help you decide on your lists!

John Murrie said...

Ah you guys are doing my head in ;) Honestly really appreciate the help with this. Will try out both lists and see what happens.

v1 looking like a goer at this point as I would prefer to take a list consisting entirely of units I painted rather than borrowed which I will have to do with the 10.5s

John Murrie said...

Another issue is that we lost the last game as my infantry which we will be using offensively got pinned and couldnt move. FV would be better in that context