April 22, 2011

FOW Battle Report - LW Germans vs. Russians 2200pts

First game of FOW in at least 6-8 months last night. 2200pts 2v2 my and Jerry's combined Fallschirmjager/Tiger Company vs. the Father & Son team of Derek & Josh's Soviet combined arms company. From memory they were fielding
- 2 Platoons of Infantry
- 1 Battery of 122mm
- 1 AT Platoon
- 2 Platoons of T34-85s
- 1 Platoon of KV Flamethrower tanks

My Fallschirmjager company drawn from Fortress Europe consisted of:
- CHQ - PF/SMG, Panzershrek, 3 Mortars
- FJ Platoon - PF/SMG, 3 Squads
- FJ Platoon - PF/SMG, 3 Squads
- FJ Light Gun Platoon
- FJ Artillery Platoon - 2 Sections Geb36 7.5cm
- FJ HMG Platoon - 1 section (attached to FJ Platoons)

New scenario with Fair Fight and Delayed reserves special rules and limited deployment zones played on larger than normal board. Two objectives to defend/capture in each corner of the board. Scenario will be used at Panzershrek so was good practice.

The terrain board. Germans deployed bottom left, reinforcements came on top left. Soviets deployed top right, reinforcements on bottom right.My 1st FJ Combat Platoon w. attached HQ Panzershrek and combat attached HMG squad dug in around our defensive objective.

Jerry's 1st Tiger Platoon deployed behind cover to rear of our positions Dereks T34's advance up the road toward the village in the centre of the board. At this stage the game is all about movement. Looking down the road from the cupola of the Tiger Companys command tank

T34's do an end run around the left flank of the village after being bracketed by Artillery and Mortar fire. While a few tanks bailed out they were able to moved unmolested with the Tigers failing to destroy any.

Reinforcements!!! The 2nd Tiger Platoon moves onto the board to the rear of the T34s advancing through the Village.
GOT YOU!!! The 1st T34 goes up in Flames as the Tiger reinforcements open up
Fallschirmjager ready themselves for the inevitable T34 assault. Dug in and concealed they prove hard to dislodge and Soviet fire has no effect on their prepared positions.

Fallschirmjager artillery beings pounding Soviet infantry guarding their objective. Successfully ranged in 3 successive turns of Artillery prevent the Soviets from digging in and keep them pinned down and unable to support the T34s in the village.
More reinforcements arrive. The 2nd FJ Platoon and the Light Guns turn up and join the 2nd Tiger Platoon in moving toward the Soviet defensive positions being bombarded by our artillery. Unfortunately we make a tactical mistake and go for the Soviet artillery instead of straight for that objective. That artillery then brackets the FJ infantry pinning them for the rest of the game.
BUGGER!!! Huge pile of Soviet reinforcements come on. A platoon of T34's, one of KV Flamethrower tanks and a big Platoon of infantry all in our rear. With our forces tied down in defensive positions we only have the 1st Tiger Platoon and the Tiger CHQ to deal with them. Artillery and Mortar fire ranges in on the Soviet infantry but fails to do any damage. But we have nothing to stop the tanks advancing.
The Tiger CHQ reorientates to deal with the new Soviet threat. Meanwhile the Tigers in the hill expose themselves a bit too much and 1 gets brewed up by the T34's in the village.
All alone now and massively outnumbered the Tiger CHQ attempts to block an entire T34 Platoon by himself. Unfortunately poor ammunition continues to hurt them and once again Tiger shots only serve to bail out a few Soviet tanks. Eventually the Tigers are all destroyed in the face of superior numbers and firepower.
Last throw of the dice (it was getting late so this was last turn) as the FJ infantry abandon their prepared positions and assault the T34's in the village. Unfortunately they come too close to the Flame Tanks and get toasted for their trouble. But its too late, with our reinforcements pinned down and unable to move toward their objectives the Soviet reinforcements were able to steam roller through our weakened lines and pick up the win.

All in all a fun game but we are going to need to make some adjustments to our list as 6 Platoons between 2 of us in a 2200pt game is not enough. Also need some form of backup to allow us to deploy something in reserve for situations like this. Another infantry platoon in our rear or at the very least a couple of PAKs might have really helped. Going to have to adjust my list slightly, and look at buying some AA. 7.5cm guns were good vs. infantry but I will need 10.5s if I hope to do more then bail out enemy armour with bombardments.

Next week Match 8 of my ongoing grudge series against Adams Dwarfs - 2400pts of Pointy/Stumpy goodness.


lap1964 said...

Hi what did you take in your FJ Coy in the end?


John Murrie said...

Hi Les

Updated post with list but basically went with variation on advice you guys gave me on FOW forums. Depending on what models I can borrow I may make some changes.

lap1964 said...

John no probs with that,but maybe you could look at some of the lists from HH.Depending on what you can borrow.As you have now found out just how much the Soviets can get in 2 x 1100 lists

Chevalier de la Terre said...

Excellent report John, lovely figures and terrain. Speaking from painful experience I positively hate T-34 companies which suddenly arrive from reserve.


John Murrie said...

Thanks CdlT - the T34 spam has caused me to spend a few hours this weekend modifying my list.

Now if I could only get my figures looking as good as yours Id be very happy :)