April 27, 2011

Fracas IV - 600pts MW Flames of War tournament

Another local FOW tournament coming up this one on August 6th a one-day 600pt Mid War event. Still requires you to have two combat platoons but could be quite fun. For my Fallschirmjager it means I have to run a North African list. After a bit of playing around I've come up with:

North Africa Fallschirmjager

CHQ - Panzerknacker x2, GW42 x3
FJ Platoon - Panzerknacker, 2 Squads
FJ Platoon - 2 Squads
FJ Light Gun Platoon

Total 600

All FV so should stick round, minimal AT capability except for Light Guns which are essentially short-range Pak 36/38s and a modest template smoke ability with the 3 HQ mortars. Typically they would drop the 2 platoon requirement to 1 but it appears they havent this time around. Either way, if I can organise the day off, it should be fun.


lap1964 said...

Hi,not much you can do with 600 pts of FV FJ,but i would put the 2IC's PK with the 2nd FJ Plt command team.That way you can get back using MT rule.


John M said...

Thanks Les but whats the MT rule?

lap1964 said...

Mission Tactics,if the command team is destroyed,you can remove another team and bring back the command team.

John M said...

Ah sweet forgot about that