April 27, 2011

Latest Warhammer additions

Major guilt trip this month after a nice financial windfall cleared up all of our debt outside the Mortgage and as a result I made a few sneaky Warhammer purchases. Delivery is going to my office so I can sneak them home, although my long suffering wife is bound to notice them as she is quite onto it. In my defence Maelstrom Games did have a big Easter Sale which knocked an additional 15-18% of the price of their WHFB products prices which are already 25% or more lower than anything New Zealand retailers charge.... not that such reasoning washes with the wives of gamers ;) Anyway winging their way to my office from Maelstrom should be:

2 boxes of the new Dragon Princes. My High Elf teammate Glen had a unit of these at Runefang and I thought they were fantastic so had to buy some. That and I really really hate the metal ones, damn things keep breaking and they never stand up properly.

Really don't know why I got one of these but Chariots have always been missing from my High Elf army so I guess having a Lion Chariot will be pretty cool.

Two boxes of these guys coming my way as well primarily as I want to replace the older edition plastic models I have with the newer versions that have more surface area for the green colour scheme I am using. That and they look better when they have Great Weapons.


Fnurgn said...

Woots for sending the gear to your work...glad it's not just me :)

da Gobbo said...

Nice one mate, good wheeze. I love the High Elf Lion chariot, just finished painting one up myself and even with my limited painting skills it's an awesome model and a great addition to the pointy 'uns forces