April 14, 2011

More Dwarf artillery crew completed

Decided I had had enough of marking student assignments last night and did some painting and basing instead, first time in two weeks. Managed to finish off these guys as well as a couple of movement trays. Continuing with lighter shades of green as I think it works well and looks good, although not as light as on the Thunderers which I will be re-stripping and repainting as they don't look good. Armies starting to take shape now, and I managed to pick up a 2nd metal Organ Gun on Trade Me for $14 this week so can field two of them now!!!!

Picture backgrounds have gone blue again for some reason?!? 2000pt game tonight - battle report up tomorrow - vs. Adams Dwarfs last play test of Runefang IV list before I drive down to Wellington for the tournament on Sat morning.

Oh and I got the OK from my wife (always important for married gamers) to set up a permanent gaming table in our sleep out!!!!

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