April 3, 2011

New High Elves for me - YAH!!

Scored the High Elves from the Isle of Blood set of Aidan the other night at the club. Overall, Im pretty impressed with them. Didnt really need any Swordmasters, I have 20 painted up and another 10 unpainted waiting to be done - but 10 more wont hurt. The Seaguard are cool and will allow me to field one of those units slightly better. What I was really after were the Ellyrion Reavers and the Prince on the Griffon. Always wanted Reavers but never liked the original models, and the Griffon rider is just awesome - means I can finally field Eltharion if I ever get around to using a Special character. Pity Nobles cant ride them as they are just too damn expensive for anything other than a 3000pt+ game.

The models arent entirely perfect though, the shoulder pads on the Swordmasters are a bit oversized for my liking, but more importantly the new figures are bigger than the existing sculpts. Both the Seaguard and the Swordmasters are bulkier than the existing models, and the Seaguard in particular are half a head taller than the current Spear models. Wonder what the new kits look like?

However, that aside I like them and particularly the Mage that came with the kit its absolutely stunning just love it. Going to be the first thing I paint up from the kit followed by the Griffon.


Darth Weasel said...

look at the bright side. You can intersperse them in existing units to give some extra variety...make it more like a normal mixture of differently sized...err...elves...

and they are fantastically detailed which is an advantage for a talented painter such as you

John said...

yeah its going to be fun painting these guys seen some awesome results online over the last few weeks.