April 19, 2011

Post-tournament thoughts & 8th Edition Warhammer

Well that was a incredibly fun weekend of 8th Edition Warhammer. Some reasonable results for me as well and a couple of enjoyable games to finish off the last day. After a few days off, and some more painting last night, I've been reviewing the overall experience.

My army list
Overall, the list didn't pretty well but needs a couple of tweaks to make it work better. The 350pt restriction hurt a little bit as I have always liked to max out the special unit choices for High Elves. In 7th my typical 2250pt list would only include a bare minimum 2 units of 10 Archers and thats it, while the rest of the army was based around multiple small blocks of Swordmasters and big blocks of White Lions and Phoenix Guard. For Runefang one of those 3 units had to be left out and the others were reduced in their maximum allowable size. But I was still able to come up with a very competitive list given the comp restrictions in place. It just lacked that killer punch in the magic phase, and needed some more movement. So how did the individual units do?

Archmage - Level 4, Lore of Life, Dispel Scroll, Talisman of Preservation
Did well when the 4 spells were the right ones and the Scroll came in handy in at least two games. But without a supporting Level 2 with an offensive Lore say Fire he was frequently unable to make a big enough impact. If taking him alone he needs the Silver Wand and the Banner of Sorcery in support. Wand to ensure you get the right spells and Sorcery to get them cast at the right times.

BSB - AoC, GW, Guardian Phoenix
Killed a lot of stuff, and I mean a lot. Works well on foot, but needs some supporting help from another noble somewhere as he couldnt be everywhere at once. With the Spears every game which was the best place for him.

Spears x33 - Command, Banner of Eternal Flame
Worked well but probably too big, 28 would be enough I think. Banner of Eternal Flame was definately wasted on these guys should have gone to an Archer unit. Only got hit by a template weapon once and that was in Game 4. Other than that they came through nearly every combat.

Archers x14 & x10 - Musicians
Made up their points overall and 2 units provided a fair bit of flexibility. Strongly considering Seaguard units next time though.

White Lions x21 - Full Command
Made a lot of Stubborn rolls and killed a ton of stuff. Would have loved these guys to have been bigger. Needed the BSB with them sometimes to get through the occassional combat, or perhaps a 2nd fighting character. Otherwise they were fantastic just fragile like all Elves. The Lion Cloaks inability to protect against magic missiles hurt them a fair bit.

Phoenix Guard x18 - Full command, Razor Standard
Didn't quite live up to expectations, and I take them primarily because I really like them. Needed to be bigger at 25 models but I couldnt take that many and get them under the 350pt limit. Razor Standard is invaluable for these guys particularly as I always used them offensively.

Dragon Princes x5 - Musician
Earned their points in every game killing off far more points than they cost and causing a few opponents to divert resources to take care of them. They even got a couple of 1st turn charges in which is always a nasty shock for opponents - Blood & Glory is a great scenario for them, as are Vanguard units that come too close at deployment. But they suffer as they always have from only being S3 outside of the charge.

The hero of Game 5 vs. Petes Skaven but I really needed two of them
Magic and the Lore of Life
After using High Magic, Shadow and now Life I think Ill stick with Life as its a good lore for High Elves. However, if your going to take it you need a L2 mage or something with a direct damage dominated lore to back them up. In nearly every game I had or was able to take Throne of Vines, Flesh to Stone, Shield of Thorns and Regrowth. These worked really well but this Lore is really only effective if you have Throne of Vines. Without it casting is risky and the other spells arent as powerful. So next time the L4 has to have a Silver Wand or Seerstaff. Needed Dwellers against Chaos and didnt get it which hurt, only got it off once against James Skaven (which was huge in the context of the game) but couldnt get it off against Pete.

The Campaign Format
Brilliant, fun, enjoyable enough said. Really made it a great experience with lots of strategising among and between the teams. Would be cool if the results from this tournament carried over to the next one.

Thoughts on 8th
Simply put after playing a lot more games now and after an intense weeked I really love 8th Edition. Magic is balanced and fair despite some horrible spells in the new Lores. Movement is easier to work out and the new terrain rules are simple and fun to play.

Combat is the best part though its brutal and effective and its mechanics have completely changed how you have to play the game. Perhaps the most important or influential changes in my opinion are "Steadfast" and the changes to "Fear & Terror".

Roll on more gaming!!!!


Pete Dunn said...

I added my thoughts on our game to my blog, john

Joel said...

Yeah it was a fun event, however I very much object to the results coming over to the next event....1 tile with a city vs everyone not a great place to be for the R.O.Man's haha.

John Murrie said...

oh yeah I had forgotten about every ganging up of the Realms of Men