April 1, 2011

WHFB Battle Report - High Elves vs. Dark Elves @ 2000pts

1st test run of my High Elf list for Runefang IV in a couple of weeks time. Up against Aidans Dark Elves, which he built using the same comp restrictions which was nice of him. Considering it was his 1st game of 8th and my 5-6th and first since Oct we managed to get through it pretty well. Used Battle Chronicler to map out the game for the first time. Fun programme and free also. Anyway up against my 2000ptHigh Elf list Aidan brought the following: Level 4 Sorcerous Level 1 Sorcerous Noble on winged mount Cauldron of Blood BSB Corsairs x21 Crossbows x20 Crossbows x10 Harpies x5 Harpies x5 Shades x5 Cold One Knights x6 Hydra
Deployment High Elves in blue/Dark Elves in red
I was not expecting to see that many heroes in a 2000pt game and the Hydra was a definate worry. Basic plan was to stall the Cold Ones with the Spears while getting the PG and WL into combat with the Hydra and the softer units. DP would sweep around rear while Archers kept flanks protected. Turn 1 - High Elves Basically just moved everyone forward. Spears redirected toward Shades who were annoyingly placed in forest near my deployment zone. Magic consisted of getting Miasma cast onto the larger unit of Crossbows dropping their BS by 2. No casualties anywhere.

Turn 1 - Dark Elves Harpies swing in behind and to side of Dragon Princes and Phoenix Guard hoping to redirect charges. Mounted Hero also goes swinging in but too rear of DP so he can't be seen. Corsairs make first feint toward White Lions, while Cold One Knights edge forward to get into position to charge Spears. DE Magic unsuccessful. Turn 2 - High Elves Spears charge the Shades, Phoenix Guard and Dragon Princes charge respective Harpy units to their front. Magic keeps up reduction on Dark Elf Crossbows BS and also scores a couple of wounds of Hydra with Pendulum. Both Harpy units are wiped out and DP & PG restrain and reform. Spears fail to kill off Shades leaving 2 alive. Archers just potter around doing nothing. Turn 2 - Dark Elves Corsairs charge White Lions and Cold One Knights charge Spears, losing 2 riders to failed dangerous terrain tests on the way. Cauldron moves closer to charging units to offer its benefits, while mounted Hero and Hydra get into position ready to charge next round. Magic ineffectual. In combat the Corsairs are nearly destroyed losing 10 models to the White Lions 4-5. The Shades finally give in and the Cold Ones suffer more unlucky dice rolls losing 2 more riders but managing to hold on. Dark Elf shooting continues to be annoying, multi shots from two ranks is painful for an opponent and it starts to whittle down the PGuard. Magic again ineffectual. Turn 3 - High Elves Dragon Princes sweep around rear and PG rather than going for Hydra move forward to hit Crossbows. Magic wounds Hydra again and White Lions/Spears continue to chop through their respective opponents. Turn 3 - Dark Elves Hydra charges the flank of the White Lions where the High Elf General is unfortunately located. The mounted Hero hits the rear of the Archers. In combat the White Lions take the Hydra down to a single wound and nearly wipe out the Corsairs but are now reduced to 6 models, while the Spears continue to make tough work of the Cold Ones. The Archers are wiped out by the mounted Hero who chases them down easily. Turn 4 - High Elves Dragon Princes are now in position to charge rear of Crossbows which have been charged by the Phoenix Guard and BSB. The Hydra kills the Archmage and somehow the Corsairs hang on. The Cold One Knights are reduced to a single model. Magic again ineffectual resulting only in a miscast that wounds all of the Dark Elf mages while bouncing off the Phoenix Guards ward save. Turn 4 - Dark Elves The Hydra, Corsairs and Cold Ones are all destroyed in this turn leaving only the crossbows in combat. Somehow the manage to hold on and reduce the Phoenix Guard to 5 models after magic reduces their Toughness to 2. Turns 5 - 6 Running against the clock at this point as it was getting late. In these turns the 3 remaining White Lions charged the Cauldron and got killed for their efforts. The DP charge and rout the crossbows chasing them down as they fled towards the Spears. The PG redeploy to face the othe crossbow unit but not before killing the Dark Elf hero who charged their rear. The game ends at this point with the majority of the Dark Elf army destroyed and the remainder outnumbered by the, albiet few, remaining High Elves. Summary Fun game, very strange to be playing again after so long. Tournament in two weeks is going to be difficult considering how little game play I will get beforehand, match up vs. Aidan again next week and maybe one more game the week after then its off to Wellingtion. The list worked well enough but I am going to tweek it for next weeks game which will be the last one I can play before I have to submit the final one to the TO. Magic was pretty good but I didnt really need to cast alot of the spells as my opponents were all T3 anyway, but Okams would have helped the Spears out.

As with every other game of 8th I have played the overall battle was brutal with one army almost completely wiped out. Not sure if thats happening for everybody but it seems to be a consistent enough trend. High Elves also showed just how beneficial the ASF re-rolls rule is particularly when you have smaller units.


Darth Weasel said...

sounds like a fun game and looks like you are more aggressive than in 7th.

mrborges said...

Great report! Thanks for writing it up.
Isn't Battle Chronicler awesome?
I'd say repost this battle in the WHFB Battle Reports forum at DakkaDakka.

High Elves are my second army (after Skaven), and seeing battles like this get me excited to start building and playing them.

John said...

Thanks for the comments guys - report isnt in my usual narrative style as I wasnt feeling that creative.

It was enjoyable and I really really like 8th games flow faster and yes I am being more aggressive, particularly with ASF High Elves.