April 28, 2011

WIP - Fallschirmjager Artillery Platoon

Getting ready for Panzershrek has given me new incentive to get stuck into painting my Fallschirmjager again. I only had a couple of platoons to finish off the key one being my Geb36 7.5cm Artillery Platoon. Have nearly completed them still have one gun crew, the spotters and the command team to go. Flock will have to wait till next week when I can get some more from the local shop ran out weeks ago unfortunately. Spent shell casings on each base were made by cutting bits of a the large rod that comes with the GF9 pinning kit. Map on wall of Staff Team building I drew on a bit of paper with my daughters colouring pencils.


lap1964 said...

Hi look good,but as you play mainly late war maybe you should have painted the guns dark yellow.

John M said...

Thanks Les - I started out that way and then tried to do camo on them but they didnt look right. So I painted over them again in Feldgrau why the paint looks so thick.

Ill see how they look after ive flocked them tonight