May 26, 2011

Dwarf Quarrellers complete & Warriors WIP

Completed my Quarrellers last night 20 models in all, and made a start on the 2nd block of Great Weapon weilding Dwarf Warriors. Dwarf repainting project is proceeding pretty damn quickly at the moment with aim to get it all done before August.

Quarrellers after repainting

Quarrellers before repainting

Warriors with Great Weapons, only applied some of the base colours so far

May 25, 2011

Dwarf, High Elf and FOW army lists

Big week for working out army lists with 3 tournaments coming up over the next couple of months and (hopefully) a host of friendly WHFB games as practice - including one tomorrow night. Anyway the lists I have been compiling and will be using/testing over the next couple of months are:

High Elves @ 2400pts - friendly vs. Dwarfs tomorrow night

w. Silver Wand, Talisman of Preservation, Pendant of Vengeance, Lore of Life, Level 4
w. Battle Standard, Great Weapon, Guardian Phoenix, Armour of Caledor
w. Seerstaff of Saphery, Opal Amulet, Lore of Shadow, Level 2
30 x Spears
w. Full Command, War Banner
29 x Spears
w. Full Command
30 x Phoenix Guard
w. Full Command, Skeinsliver, Banner of Sorcery
6 x Dragon Princes
w. Musician
6 x Dragon Princes
w. Musician
5 x Shadow Warriors
Great Eagle
Great Eagle

TOTAL 2,399

No shooting in this list apart from Shadow Warriors who are really only there to stop any Rangers from deploying to close to the rest of my infantry. 3 big blocks of infantry bolstered by Lore of Life and Shadow should work wonders and fast units will enable me to take out warmachines, at least thats the plan.

2400pts Dwarfs for Karak Eight Peaks Tournament in August

w. RO Stone, RO Resistance, MR Balance, RO Spellbreaking, RO Furnance, Shield
w. Battle Standard, MR Gromil, RO Preservation, Ro Resistance, RO Fire, RO Furnace
30 x Rangers
w. Full Command, Great Weapons
30 x Warriors
w. Full Command, Great Weapons
16 x Quarrellers
w. Musician, Shields
30 x Hammerers
w. Full Command, RO Battle
20 x Miners
w. Full Command
w. Engineer, Brace of Pistols, RO Penetrating x2, RO Accuracy
w. Engineer, Brace of Pistols, RO Forging, RO Burning
Organ Gun

TOTAL 2,400

Taken onboard Tanes advice, and conversations with him and other Dwarf players at Runefang IV, and have included a Runelord in this list. Opting to protect both characters as well as possible while leaving enough points for other units. Rangers are Warriors rather than Longbeards due to points cost. Miners add a lot of flexibility and overall its a solid combat orientated list.

I plan on getting A LOT of practice in with this list over the next few weeks as a couple of new Orcs & Goblin players have turned up at the club :)

High Elves at 2000pts for Might Empires Campaign Tournament in July

w. Silver Wand, Talisman of Preservation, Lore of Life, Level 4
w. Battle Standard, Great Weapon, Armour of Caledor, Guardian Phoenix
30 x Spears
w. Full Command, War Banner
15 x Archers
w. Musician, Light Armour
24 x Phoenix Guard
w. Full Command, Banner of Sorcery
21 x White Lioins
w. Full Command, Ironcurse Icon, Standard of Discipline
5 x Dragon Princes
w. Musician
Great Eagle

TOTAL 1,998

Not much change here from the list I took to Runefang IV except for reduction in size of core troop component and 6 extra bodies in Phoenix Guard. Standard on White Lions means they are now stubborn on L9 rather than L8 and I can safely deploy them away from the General. We also get there optional 100pt units for this tournament 1 core, 1 special and 1 rare. These are earned with campaign points. Mine will be, due largely to whats available to me:

- 10 Spears w. Musician
- 5 x Shadow Warriors w. Champion
- Repeater Bolt Thrower

LW Fallschirmjager 3rd FJ Division HH for doubles Tournament in July

w. 2xPF/SMG, 2xPS, 2xMortar
FJ Platoon
w. PF/SMG, 3 Squads
FJ Platoon
w. PF/SMG, 3 Squads
FJ Mortar Platoon
w. PF/SMG, 2 Sections (4 Mortars)
FJ Heavy Mortar Platoon
w. 2 Sections (4 Mortars)
FJ Anti-Tank Platoon
w. 4 x Pak 40 7.5cm
Ersatz Panzerspah Platoon
w. 1 x Sd Kfz250 & 3 x Sd Kfz 250/9

TOTAL 1,100

Big change here in that I am shifting from the FV Fortress Europe list to the FT Hells Highway as basically I really like the list. Also allows me to field a Recon platoon in the Ersatz and add in some cheap firepower. List gives me 3 Mortar Platoons, 2 with smoke capability and 1 with good AT/FP stats vs. Top Armour so its a definate defensive boost. Considered adding in 3rd FJ Platoon or Pioneers but points restrictions and cost/benefit of taking one vs. the Mortars wasn't worth it. Anyway we'll see how this works out.

May 24, 2011

Dwarf Cannon finished + new FOW stuff

Finally got some cotton wool this week so I could finish adding some extra detail to my Dwarf Cannon, hasnt turned out to bad at all. The cannon ball is attached to a pin, its actually a fishing sinker - I use them as stirrers in all of my paint pots. They come with holes in them already so I just found a pin that fit the hole.

I also recieved my first order from the Forged in Battle line of 15mm WW2 miniatures, a Platoon of Heavy Mortars and one of SdKfz251 halftracks - unfortunately I can't use the later in my FJ lists so will have to take them as an excuse for starting a PzGr company ;) The models are very nice, sculpting on the halftracks is great. Infantry is so-so and they are slightly bigger than the standard FJ figures, but I was only after the mortars as it was cheaper to buy them like this than individually from Battlefront.

May 23, 2011

Karak Eight Peaks campaign tournament list

Attending a Warhammer Fantasy campaign tournament in August modelled on the Karak Eight Peaks campaign in the March 2011 issue of WD, so only up against Skaven and Orcs/Goblins. Looks like its going to be a ton of fun and will be played over 6 rather than the typical 5 rounds so we get extra bang for our buck. After getting the Players Pack the best news is that the list size has been increased from 2000 to 2400pts. Hooray!!! Still that doesn't make deciding what to bring any easier.

Tournament composition restrictions
- Max 12 dice per magic phase from any source
- No more than 4 potential template weapons
- No more than 4 warmachines
- No more than 2 of any special choice
- No double rare worth more than 70pts
- No power scroll
- Only 1 item that auto dispels a spell
- Skaven limited to max of 3 Engineers
- Orcs allowed max of 3 mangler Squigs and/or pump wagons total

The tournamnet also includes underground rules which require a 1d6 to be rolled bebefore each game with a 1-4 meaning battle is fought underground. Underground rules mean that all cavalry, monstrous cavalry and all flyers must take a dangerous terrain test whenever they march, charge, flee or pursue move.

Trying to settle on a suitable list to take, which will also act as a guide for what I focus on painting over the next few weeks.

Runesmith (General) – MR Balance, RO Spellbreaking
BSB – MR Gromil, RO Resistance, MR Challenge, RO Furnace, RO Fire
30 x Rangers – FC, GW
30 x Warriors – FC, GW
10 x Quarrellers – Mu, Shields
10 x Quarrellers – Mu, Shields
29 x Hammerers – FC RO Battle, RO Determination
20 x Miners - FC, Steamdrill
Grudge Thrower – Engineer, BOP, RO Penetratingx2, RO Accuracy
Cannon – Engineer, BOP, RO Burning, RO Forging
Organ Gun

Runesmith (General) – MR Balance, RO Spellbreaking
BSB – MR Gromil, RO Resistance, MR Challenge, RO Furnace, RO Fire
30 x Rangers – FC, GW
30 x Warriors – FC, GW
10 x Quarrellers – Mu, Shields
10 x Quarrellers – Mu, Shields
15 x Thunderers - Mu, Shields
30 x Hammerers – FC, RO Battle, RO Determination
Grudge Thrower – Engineer, BOP, RO Penetratingx2, RO Accuracy
Cannon – Engineer, BOP, RO Burning, RO Forging
Organ Gun

While I do see people taking multiple Grudge Throwers I only have the one. Only other warmachines available to me are 2 Bolt-Throwers and the Gyro which I wont take due to underground rule. If I had a Flame Cannon I would definately take it, but unfortunately I dont.

May 19, 2011

Tavern Talk - Warhammer Tournaments

Kuffehs latest Tavern Talk topic is about tournaments, specifically how we feel about comp restrictions, tournament rules etc.

While I play in as many WHFB tournaments as I can I am not as experienced a tournament player as many New Zealand gamers are. While comp restrictions are not always advantageous for individual armies, and I at times have struggled to build lists to fit into them, I see the need for them.

For gaming systems like Warmachine where the entire rule set and all of the army books, and unit rules come out largely at once your overall game is balanced. Army book and unit rules when developed alongside each other tend to ensure that no-one army is completely dominant in all things.

GW struggles in this respect in that its business model has always been to put out new books at irregular intervals with years, and different rule editions, separating many army books. This creates natural imbalance in the game were early books are made to suit early editions, later books written to suit emerging editions, and new books new editions of the gaming systems rule set. Consequently, to keep a level playing field and ensure that tournaments give everyone a "fun" experience - which is what they should be about - you sometimes have to adjust for the natural inconsistencies in the game mechanics.

I guess I am lucky in that the TO of the events I attend is highly experienced, familiar with tournaments here and overseas, and has a good knowledge of the game. This means the comp restrictions do not unfairly disadvantage anyone too much, although you do get the odd complaint. They are usually also designed so that novice gamers (like me) don't get annihilated by uber-killer-lists-of-death and that tournaments operate as a learning experience for them.

Where I have issues with comp restrictions is in the extreme examples you see in some gaming communities were TO's use comp rules as a chance to make wholesale changes to the core game rules, and to unfairly nerf entire army books. Banning of certain items or units and the re-interpretation of particular game rules that individual TO's do not like is never a good thing. This was seen no more clearly than in Australia where the arrival of 8th Edition was greeted with massive sets of comp rules put in place by people who had at most a few 8th Ed games under their belts. Personally I trust the game designers to get things right, and players to sort out the rest using "the most important rule of all".

But being a Dwarf player I guess I do need to grumble about something, but i can't really think of anything. After all its poor generalship and the ill-favour of dice gods that cost you victory not comp rules.

May 17, 2011

GW now announces its May price rises - YAH!!!

Hot on the heels of the decision to ban sales of GW products between hemispheres is GW latest round of price increases. This means that not only are New Zealand gamers going to forced to buy locally at prices that are 40-50% higher than what we paid when ordering online from the UK, but now those prices are going up even further. Average increase appears to be around 10% but some items are going up more.

So what do we have? A brand new edition of Warhammer, lots of new books, lots of new models most in smaller unit sizes and all at a higher cost. These costs will only get worse outside the US once you add on shipping, exchange rate fluctuations and mark ups from the various businesses that come between GW and the local retailer.

For a list of some of the price changes and a link to the rest check out Bell of Lost Souls

Lucky for me I spent up large recently (inc. a last order with Maelstrom today) and have all of the Dwarf and High Elf models I need, but this news kills off any ideas I did have about starting a third army, at least in the short term (right now a 2nd FOW army looks more likely, maybe). Not sure what the long-term effects of these recent events will be. The rage posting has already started on various forums with people yelling I QUIT as loudly as possible, which personally I think is a bit stupid but hey people need to vent.

Some guys will quit and switch to other games most i suspect will keep playing because like me, they love collecting and painting the models, love the fluff and new rules for 8th and really really enjoy playing the game. I just wont be buying as much as often as I used to, at least not brand new anyway.

Games Workshop WTF!?!

Announcement from Maelstrom Games in the UK - where I buy ALL of my Warhammer supplies - that as of 31st May they are no longer allowed to sell GW products to anyone outside of the Northern Hemisphere. I think the same applies for every other Northern Hemisphere retailer as well.

Well done GW there goes your antipodean market, why would I buy GW locally at prices that are 40-50% higher on average than from Maelstrom, or order from GW direct when the prices are just as high and I have to pay astronomical postage costs. What about towns where there is no local GW retailer what the hell do they do? And its not like local retailers are that great, they dont stock everything and take ages to get the stuff they dont have. I placed an order at my local store 3 years ago for a Dwarf Lord on Shieldbearers after 6 months they still hadnt got it. Placed one via a Northern Hemisphere non-GW retailer at got it within 2 weeks. Looks like my last WHFB order from Maelstrom will be my LAST WHFB order ever unless I get lucky on TradeMe.

More Dwarfs completed - Quarrellers & Thanes

Completed these guys last night, last bit of painting before I head out of town for a couple of days for work. Still have to stick a few grass tufts onto the Quarreller bases but as I have run out of superglue that will have to wait. For models that I didnt paint strip the Quarrellers turned out better than expected - washes are just magic for improving how models look. For comparison I've included a couple of pictures of what each model/unit used to look like.

Quarrellers before repainting

I don't particularly like the two Thane models and so didnt really put much effort into painting them properly. In most games these particular figures hardly get used so I'm not that fussed on what they look like but they turned out OK regardless.

May 16, 2011

Alternative to Battlefront FOW miniatures

My last Maelstrom order included a flyer for a range of miniatures made by 'Forged in Battle' a new company specialising in 15mm WW2 miniatures. Always on the look out for a bargain I did some internet trawling to check out comparisons between their range and those of Battlefront, the principle FOW supplier.

Overall, the reviews are very favourable and consensus seems to be that this new supplier offers a solid alternative to the existing Battlefront range particularly when it comes to vehicles.

The FiB range does, as you would expect, differ from Battlefront in the size of each model. But they are close enough to make them very workable and the differences are not that noticeable. More importantly they are significantly cheaper than the Battlefront products.

For example a FiB German PzIV Platoon of 4 tanks can be ordered from Maelstrom for £16.20 or at the current exchange rate NZ$32. An equivalent boxed set from Battlefront in New Zealand would cost you NZ$85 for 5 tanks, or purchased as individual models NZ$68 plus postage for 4 tanks.

FiB PzIV Platoon box set

FiB PzIV in white resin - Battlefront PzIV in black & metal (All FiB vehicles come mounted on bases)

The infantry ranges are also pretty good and offer range of poses different to those of Battlefront but again at a slightly different size. Although if you made up a full Platoon no-one is going to notice the difference.

Deciding to trust the various reviews I read I opted to buy a boxed set of Halftracks and a Heavy Mortar Platoon.

For £7 you get a set of 4 Mortars plus a couple of cool looking trailers to add detail to the basing. I won't use the figures as I have a lot of spare FJ mortar crews at home (thanks Les) which I will base up for them. £7 or NZ$14 is damn cheap and its a lot more cost-effective to buy them like this than to try and get individual mortars through Battlefront.

I also purchased a Platoon set of 4xSdKfz 251/1 halftracks. for £15 or NZ$30 which again is cheaper than Battlefront pricing (although this is higher now as Maelstrom is no longer allowed to stock FOW miniatures). A Platoon set of 4xSdKfz 250's costs NZ$58 and the equivalent SdKfz 251's which have to be purchased individually would cost you NZ$68 plus postage.

Hopefully they should be arriving soon as I can add these guys to my Hells Highway list or use them as the beginnings of a PzGr company.

The overall FiB range is not as extensive as Battlefront, being a newish company, and is heavily weighted towards Germany at the moment but they appear to be adding new models all the time. British & Soviet players will find very little to offer as yet, but American players have a reasonable range of armoured vehicles. Given that the next FOW army I want to start is an Irish Guards Armoured Company from Hells Highway the FiB Sherman Platoons (from the American range) at the same competitive pricing will be where I start.

May 14, 2011

Ok I thought my painting backlog was bad check this out

My last post listed out what I have left to paint etc which I thought was bad enough. But compared to this guy thats nothing. He is freaking insane literally or doesnt sleep and has some kind of magic portal that stops time. I mean look at this... and its ALL 15mm

By his own admission he has 1300+ blisters of figures and 160 box sets which need him to buy n 528 hooks to hang it all on.

Btw ALL of this guys stuff is also brilliantly painted and I mean its really really good. Almost keeping Battlefront in business by himself.

Full link to post is here (although you need to be registered on FOW forums to view it).

Ahhh painting backlog hell!!

At work and home I am a pretty big list maker, I find it helps me stay organised and ensure that I dont forgot to get important things done - unless of course I spend more time writing the list than actually doing whats on it. Finally, got around to writing one up for my painting/modelling backlog and its A LOT longer than I realised.... so much to do... Dwarfs first priority.


Undercoated awaiting paint
32 Warriors w. GW
10 Hammerers
7 Artillery Crew
16 Thunderers
2 Master Engineers

Need to be stripped and/or undercoated
60+ Warriors
Organ Gun & crew

Painting nearly complete
2 Thanes
20 Quarrellers

Need bases to be redone to fit new army colour scheme
Organ Gun
2 Bolt-Throwers

High Elves

Undercoated and awaiting paint
5 x Ellyrion Reavers
10 x Dragon Princes (plastic)
10 x Seaguard (IoB)
10 x Swordmasters (IoB)
1 x Tiranoic Chariot
2 x Mages
Prince on Griffon
Alith Anar the Shadow King

Waiting to be pinned to bases ready for undercoating
8 x Swordmasters (metal version)

Need assembling or fixing
8 x Silver Helms
4 x Dragon Princes (metal version)


Undercoated awaiting paint
FJ Platoon - 10 bases
FJ Artillery 7.5cm gun crew - 5 figures
PF Trap teams x4
SMG Command team (von der Heydte fill in)

Based & undercoated need filler for base
Artillery observer and Command team

And then there is all of the FJ figures that are sitting unbased etc in a box, waiting on my Forged in Battle Heavy Mortars and Halftracks to arrive from Maelstrom.

May 12, 2011

FOW 2v2 Tournament list modifications

If you check out the comments on my last post about this topic you'll see that Les has been continuing to offer me some solid advice which I am most grateful for, and definately going to listen to.

Consequently, I am looking at 3 different lists for my upcoming 2v2 Tournament in July. Ill run all three past my playing partner tonight at the club, along with Les's other points and see what we come up with. My previous idea of battlegroup my Paks is a no goer as I had forgotten the rules stated you can only Kampfgruppe Combat or Weapons Platoons not support Platoons.

So we are now down to the following list idea.

Fallschirmjager v3
CHQ - 2xPF, 2xMortar,1xPanzershrek, 175
FJ Platoon - PF, 3 Squads, 265
FJ Platoon - PF, 3 Squads, 265
FJ AT Platoon - 4 x Pak 40, 245
FJ Mortar Platoon - 2 sections, 140

or FJ AT Platoon - 2 x Pak 40, 135 & Heer AT Platoon - 2 x Pak 40 instead of the single FJ Platoon

Kampfgruppe 1 Mortar Section with 2IC and then combat attach 1 HQ Mortar to each of the two Mortar Platoons thus created. I think this is right? Kampfgruppe then combat attach, or do you combat attach and then Kampfgruppe????

May 11, 2011

Flames of War 2v2 Tournament list

More soul searching by Jerry and myself and we've both kind of figured out that its our play style rather than the army list that cost us in our last couple of games. We have the right troops but just haven't used them effectively.

Going back to basics this week with a stock standard Fortress Europe Fallschirmjager force of:

Company HQ - 2 x PF/SMG - 85 pts
FJ Platoon - PF/SMG, 3 Squads - 265pts
FJ Platoon - PF/SMG, 3 Squads - 265pts
FJ AT Platoon - 4 Pak 40s - 245pts
FJ Artillery - 4 x Geb36 75mm - 190pts

Its not exciting but sacrifices had to be made in terms of balance. Dropping mortars means we lose a template/smoke weapon but benefits of full strength Pak override that given dominance of Russian Tank companies in New Zealand competitions. List also allows for Battlegrouping of platoons two put - a 4 base FJ platoon and 2 Paks on one objective and a 5 base FJ Platoon & 2 paks on the other. This leaves a single full strength Platoon to act in the offensive role. Alternatively its simply 1 FJ Platoon and 2 Paks on each objective with Artillery behind.

Total 1,050 pts - leaves Jerry with 50 he can use (team mates can swap upto 200) or a sniper/2 mortars for me. His list will most likely remain as a 1 Tiger CHQ, and two platoons with 2 Tigers each.

Did come up with the following modifications from Fortress Europe to make something more creative, which we will consider as a Plan B.

CHQ - PF x2, 85
1st Platoon - PF + 3 squads, 265
2nd Platoon - PF + 3 squads, 265
Rocket Battery - 2 sections, 5 launchers, 195
AT Platoon - 3 Pak 40s, 190


Panzer Company
CHQ - 2 x Pz IV, 190
1st - 3 x PzIV, 285
2nd - 3 x PzIV, 285
Hvy Platoon - 2 x Tiger 1, 430

TOTAL 1,190

Gives us more Platoons, ability to battlegroup out and create 2 template artillery platoons and more tanks.

May 10, 2011

WIP - Dwarfs and more Dwarfs

More WIP pictures for my Dwarf army repainting project. Unit of 20 Quarrellers, or rather 2 units of 10 with Musicians. Only base colours and a bit of washing on skin done so far still need highlighting and minor touch ups. Unlike the Hammerers, Miners etc these guys were not paint stripped before hand. I just painted over the existing scheme which was close to what I wanted anyway.

Artillery bases need some drybrushing to be finished and I am going to create a flying cannon ball smoke effect out of the mouth of the cannon tonight. BSB and Thane have only had skin, green and blue areas base coated so far so still a long way to go.

Army wise the project is moving along pretty well. Once these guys are done, and a Hammerer standard bearer, ill have a reasonable collection of units completed - Miners, Hammerers, GW/Warriors, Quarrellers, Thunderers and a big collection of heroes and warmachines all ready for tournament play testing in time for Augusts Karak Eight Peaks campaign tournament.

Gold areas on Thane and BSB are the result of a new technique provided by Glen who I met at Runefang last month. He had some great looking gold areas on his Dragon Princes and the technique used is surprisingly simple - Mithril Silver base coat and 2-3 coats of Sepia Wash with good drying time betwen each coat. Then drybrush with either Mithril Silver or Burnished Gold. Drybrushing not done yet but you can already see how effective the process is.

May 7, 2011

What next for High Elves in 8th Ed

If theres one thing I have learned in the few short years I've been gaming its never to get involved in or even bother reading forum wish list discussions about what new army books should include. Most such discussions are painfully horrible... although I have to be honest and state that I did post a Dwarf wishlist on this blog a year or so ago, and it was... painfully horrible.

But sometimes such discussions are pretty good and I recently came across one on "Heros Gaming Blog" probably the best one I've read for a long while. I highly suggest High Elf players out there check it out.

It also offers some clues as to where the next Dwarf book might head. Although this, like High Elves, is a long way off. The web chatter pretty much confirms that the next three books out will be Bretonnians, Ogres and then Wood Elves.

With Orcs and Tomb Kings coming out so close together we can only hope that GW move just as quickly getting the others out as well. But as each new book will most likely come with a huge range of new miniatures it will take some time to get their production lines tooled up to cater for too many new books in a short time period.

May 6, 2011

Fallschirmjager/Tigers vs. British Paras/Guards @ 2200pts

Another practice match for Panzershrek with my and Jerry's combined Fortress Europe Fallschirmjager/Tiger company up against a similar British Para/Guards Armoured force. From memory the British forces included:
  • 2 Sherman Platoons w. 2 Fireflys each
  • 1 Platoon 17 pdr AT
  • 1 Platoon 6 pdr AT
  • 1 Platoon Air droppable tanks
  • 1 Platoon 25 pdr Artillery
  • 2 Platoons Para Infantry
We used a the larger table set up that will be the norm at Panzershrek standard width across but length wise it adds an extra 12" or 18" can't remember which. Scenario was the standard Free for All with Fair Fight and Mobile Battle rules, the British deploying first and us moving first.

The Battlefield from the German right flank. All of the objectives were toward the centre left side of the board. The forests on the left hand side created a lot of non-LOS areas for the British AT guns, but also bottlenecks through which armour would have to advance.
FJ Platoon and Mortars go down next to the first objective.

FJ Artillery set up across the river (offered concealment to everything except tanks and was only passable via the bridge) to provide cover. From here they could reach the entire board.
Remainder of German force is deployed. 2nd FJ Platoon covering the 2nd objective backed by the StuGs, Tiger CIC and 2nd Tiger Platoon. 1st Tiger Platoon sat astride road leading to village.
Cunning buggers the British. Shermans deploy behind the village buildings so we can't draw LOS, as does Artillery. 6pdrs deploy in buildings and infantry flank one side.

British Shermans ready for action
An example of Andres inventive basing on his British Paras - cobblestones are simply standard putty base mixture with grooves cut into them. Fences are from model railway shop.
British Para infantry advances toward 1st objective trying to draw us out. The battle began slowly with the Tigers & Shermans teasing eachother and our Artillery failing to range in on anything. We made the decision early on to be more aggressive and pivoting around from the left using the road as the pivot point.

BANG!!! A Firefly gets the first kill knocking over a Tiger with a lucky shot. This set the tone as we rolled a succession of bad dice which saw the Tigers score virtually no hits on anything until the battle was pretty much over.
The sacrificial lamb. FJ Artillery which failed to range in during the 1st turn is assaulted and wiped out by the Paras Airdroppable tanks. We anticipated this but were hoping the Artillery would do some damage before we lost it. The Tigers near the river were unfortunately unable to prevent the Para Tanks from advancing.
Our assault moves in Tigers, and StuGs backed by a full FJ Platoon. Unfortunately British Artillery kept pounding the Infantry keeping it pinned and slowing its movement. The Tigers and StuGs also kept missing meaning the British armour was free to cut down the exposed infantry as it moved from forest to forest.

The battle turns (on both flanks) as the German Armour keeps missing the British keep coming up trumps. Our advance is stopped dead as the Tigers and StuGs are destroyed and then the FJ Platoon, now unprotected by armour, is cut down by British Artillery and then Sherman HMG fire. Soon the battered survivors are in full retreat toward our deployment area.

On the right things aren't much better as German armour continues to prove unreliable as the British seemingly have the dice Gods on their side. Shermans take a heavy toll on the Tigers and we are now heavily outnumbered having lost 3/7 Platoons in very short time.
Rather lazily the British Para Tanks troop back over the bridge

Last act of the game - the Shermans end run around the destroyed German Armour and take out the last surviving Tiger and the remnants of the FJ Platoon that had been advancing with them.

We ended the game at this point as with all of our armour dead our company was effectively below half strength and left with only a FJ Platoon and a couple of bases from a 2nd against an almost full strength British force. While we dead kill one Firefly as a departing gift this was pretty much the only real damage we did the entire game. A very disappointing result.

After this Jerry and I did some serious soul searching about our respective lists and there are going to have to be some major changes. Should also really sit down and think about our playing style. In this case we would have been better placed to sit back defensively, digging the infantry in throughout the wooded areas with the Tigers concealed among the trees with them. This would have forced the British to come to use, nullified their AT assets and meant that in defense we would have had heavy local superiority.

Next week I am going to try and swing a game using the 'Death from Above' rules so I can test out what its like to use Fallschirmjager as proper Paratroops.