May 14, 2011

Ahhh painting backlog hell!!

At work and home I am a pretty big list maker, I find it helps me stay organised and ensure that I dont forgot to get important things done - unless of course I spend more time writing the list than actually doing whats on it. Finally, got around to writing one up for my painting/modelling backlog and its A LOT longer than I realised.... so much to do... Dwarfs first priority.


Undercoated awaiting paint
32 Warriors w. GW
10 Hammerers
7 Artillery Crew
16 Thunderers
2 Master Engineers

Need to be stripped and/or undercoated
60+ Warriors
Organ Gun & crew

Painting nearly complete
2 Thanes
20 Quarrellers

Need bases to be redone to fit new army colour scheme
Organ Gun
2 Bolt-Throwers

High Elves

Undercoated and awaiting paint
5 x Ellyrion Reavers
10 x Dragon Princes (plastic)
10 x Seaguard (IoB)
10 x Swordmasters (IoB)
1 x Tiranoic Chariot
2 x Mages
Prince on Griffon
Alith Anar the Shadow King

Waiting to be pinned to bases ready for undercoating
8 x Swordmasters (metal version)

Need assembling or fixing
8 x Silver Helms
4 x Dragon Princes (metal version)


Undercoated awaiting paint
FJ Platoon - 10 bases
FJ Artillery 7.5cm gun crew - 5 figures
PF Trap teams x4
SMG Command team (von der Heydte fill in)

Based & undercoated need filler for base
Artillery observer and Command team

And then there is all of the FJ figures that are sitting unbased etc in a box, waiting on my Forged in Battle Heavy Mortars and Halftracks to arrive from Maelstrom.


Dr. Willett's Workshop said...

That's a hell of a list! Be Brave!

lap1964 said...

Guess you haven't seen what Tom Wise has in his painting backlog.
You can find him on the FOW site.

Robin Sutton said...

Must be the season - I did the same thing last week. Eyes glazed over. knees went to jelly, broke out in hot and cold sweats... the list was far too damned long... he! he!

Kind regards

John M said...

It gets worse as I keep wanting to buy more.... AHHH

lap1964 said...

Don't we all !!

John M said...

And I found Tom Wises stuff WOW WOW WOW guy has like 40000+ points of Flames of War and its all beautifully beautifully painted and based.

I would need a 2nd mortgage just to buy that much stuff and to get a place to store it all.

lap1964 said...

Have a look at that thread of his unpainted stuff,and that's just for FOW!!


John M said...

Ok I just checked that link out - the guy is freaking insane he can't sleep or must have some kind of machine that stops time to allow him to finish it all

da Gobbo said...

I sympathise with the backlog! I've got many, many points worth of the stunties to paint, half a high elf army and 6 billion (well about a hundred) skaven! plus I need to finish off my terrain pieces that are sitting on the back burner and carzily I want to start collecting a gobbo wolfrider tribe and a dark elf highborn retinue and thats just the WFB......

ps - that dudes FOW collection is incredible, now that lot would really cause the wife to be nagging me about how much time/money/energy i put into my "funny little men" as she calls 'em - lol!